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The Garonne river runs through the center of Toulouse and has grassy banks and breathtaking views of the town. Across the span of the river, medieval bridges with numerous arches stretch, evoking centuries of the city's fascinating history. In the heart of the Old Town district, stroll along the picturesque promenades that front the river.

On the grassy hill of the Prairie des Filtres park, which is located on the river's western side, spread out a blanket. This green area, which is surrounded by thickets of trees, provides a fantastic view of the river as well as some of the most spectacular structures in the neighborhood. Ride a bike along the pathways and locate a shady area to read a book. The park is especially well-liked by local youth and students, who frequently take part in demonstrations and strikes there.

Admire the 16th-century Pont-Neuf, one of the area's most recognizable bridges and which looks down on the park. The seven arches of the building are uneven and vary in size. Make sure to visit other significant bridges, including as the Pont Saint-Michel, the Pont des Catalans, and the Pont de la Croix de Pierre.

Set out on a river barge excursion. As you proceed south, you'll come to a river branch that circles an island with numerous stadiums and arenas with a sports motif.

Visit some of the stunning buildings that front the Garonne. The Notre-Dame de la Daurade basilica, with its sturdy pediment and columns, is the most notable. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of nearby La Daurade Park. The Place Saint-Pierre and Moulins du Bazacle mills are two further riverbank sights.

One of France's major rivers, the Garonne, flows through Toulouse before joining the Atlantic Ocean in Bordeaux through the Gironde. The Toulouse core area is traversed by the river, which flows south to north. Arrive at one of the numerous metro stations, such as Saint-Cyprien-République, Esquirol, or Carmes, that encircle the city's core. Discover the Capitole de Toulouse and Saint-Étienne neighborhoods nearby.

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