Two Giant Hands Hold This Golden Bridge in Vietnam

By Prachi Agrawal

  ●   03 Jul 19


Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination in recent years so much so that over 1.5 million people visit this country in south-east Asia every year. One of the most impressive tourist attractions in Vietnam is the Golden Bridge built outside Da Nang, which is part of a $2 billion investment to attract more visitors from around the world. Read more about this enchanting bridge that looks straight out of a scene from Lord of the Rings.


The Golden Bridge


golden bridge
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Located just outside Da Nang, this architectural masterpiece in Vietnam enchants everyone who lays eyes on it with its two gigantic hands that give the illusion of lifting up the bridge. It is built on the Ba Na hills 1,400 m above the sea level enabling the pedestrians to enjoy the beautiful view of the sprawling countryside.



Source: Time

Purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums line up this 150 meters long golden footbridge. The curved design of the bridge passing through the two majestic sculpted palms leave the tourists spellbound.


Construction Process

golden bridgeTA Landscape Architecture is the brain behind the design of this bridge. It seems that the hands holding the bridge are made of stone, but in reality, they are not. A skeleton of hands was first prepared and covered with steel meshes and fiberglass. After that, theming was added to it. It took almost a year for the entire structure to be built.

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Two Giant Hands Hold This Golden Bridge in Vietnam