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Umm Al Quwain, 'Mother of Two Powers', is a city situated on the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The growing city is home to several cultural and historical sites, as well as many small businesses. There is also a vibrant arts scene in Umm Al Quwain, coming from a range of different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and digital art. The city is home to several interesting galleries, museums, and centers for the arts.

New City Arts Umm Al Quwain is an initiative focused on developing the city's art scene. It provides a platform for both local and international artists to showcase their work, as well as build successful relationships with the other arts organizations in the city. Through its exhibitions, workshops, and seminars, the initiative is widening the scope of engagement for art appreciation in Umm Al Quwain.

New City Arts Umm Al Quwain provides a range of activities for artists living and working in the city. These include forums and networking opportunities such as art talks, screenings, lectures, and social events as well as more hands-on projects such as interactive installations. The initiative also works closely with the Umm Al Quwain Arts Centre, organizing events such as art installations and performances in the city.

In addition to showcasing an impressive range of art not normally seen in the region, New City Arts Umm Al Quwain also provides a range of creative writing and visual arts workshops. The workshops are designed to help artists improve their skills and develop new techniques, and have been attended by some of the city's brightest young minds.

One of New City Arts Umm Al Quwain's most successful projects to date has been the Pop Up Bazaar. This is a four-day event held in the city center which offers an exciting mix of art displays, performances, film screenings, panel discussions, and much more. The Pop Up Bazaar has successfully attracted visitors from all over the region, with many return visits to the city.

New City Arts Umm Al Quwain is an inspiring example of how arts and culture can play an integral role in the development of a city. By providing a platform for both local and international artists, the initiative has successfully opened up the possibility of a more vibrant and creative Umm Al Quwain. It has achieved monumental results in such a short time frame and continues to set an example for other cities to emulate.

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Address of New City Arts

after Nesto Al Kawthar - King Faisal Street - Building2 - Umm Al Quawain - United Arab Emirates

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