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Following its neighbors Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. It is renowned for its gorgeous architecture, active nightlife, and rich culture and history. The Valencia Central Market is one location where this is very clear (or the Mercado Central de Valencia in Spanish). Without stopping through the Valencia Central Market, a trip to Valencia would not be complete. One of the greatest free things to do in Valencia is to visit this market, which is the biggest of the city's marketplaces. One of the oldest marketplaces still in operation in Europe, the market in Valencia's Old Town has been designated a 'Heritage of Cultural Interest' by the Spanish government.

The La Lonja de la Seda Unesco World Heritage Site is two minutes walk from the Valencia Market, which is situated in Valencia's El Mercat area. Over 86 000 square feet on two stories make up the market. Additionally, the market appears less like a public market and more like a cathedral from a distance. The market building's distinctive appearance is the result of a distinctive combination of materials, including earthenware, wood, steel, and stained glass. More than 1200 kiosks at the market specialize in selling fresh food, including tomatoes, oranges, and beans. Additionally, there are stores selling meat, fish (including some rare species like live eels), cheese, spices, nuts, and perfume. One of the most prominent gastronomic venues in the city is The Market. You may sample some of the best Mediterranean food prepared here using Valencia's most seasonal ingredients. Additionally, it is the biggest market in Europe for the purchase of fresh produce.

There are several fantastic food vendors, eateries, and bars at the Valencia Market, including the Central Bar. This provides a variety of tapas, sandwiches, and meals including paella and is well-liked by both residents and tourists.

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Address of Central Market of Valencia

Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, 46001 Valencia, Spain

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