Visiting Egypt? These Places are a Must in Your Itinerary

By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   19 Apr 18

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Magical and magnificent – That’s Egypt for you. With its awe-inspiring natural landscapes, longstanding history, and a heady mix of ancient-modern metropolises, Egypt promises to deliver an experience you won’t forget. From a cruise on the mighty Nile River to wandering the ruins of Petra; and stargazing from the Sahara dunes to exploring ancient cities, Egypt offers a multitude of experiences for the travelers; all of which are bound to create lasting impressions forever.

Stroll Across Egypt – Our Recommendations!

Nile River

  • Sail the Nile. Egypt’s famous attractions are clustered around the Nile’s southern section, between Luxor and Aswan.
  • Drive the Desert. Rent a car and head out into the Western Desert.
  • Climb Mount Sinai. Trek to St Catharine’s Monastery and spend a night under the stars, with camels by your side.
  • Dive the Red Sea. Rent a hut in Dahab or a suite in Sharm and take to the waters for breathtaking dives.
  • Passion for the Past. Delve into the wonders of Cairo’s peerless Museum of Antiquities and buy replicas at the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.

Hidden Gems of Egypt:

In Cairo:  Visit Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum, which is built in the early twentieth century. This museum boasts of the personal collection of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil, who was an Egyptian statesman, speaker of the Senate, and cabinet minister and a lover of fine art.

St. Simeon’s Monastery

In Aswan: Take a camel excursion in St. Simeon’s Monastery that is located opposite the southern tip of Elephantine Island.  Sit back and enjoy the Egyptian landscape views as you make your way to the monastery ruins on a camel at St. Simeon’s Monastery.

What to See in Egypt?

Attractions You Must Visit in Cairo:  

Cairo Egypt

  • Egyptian Museum
  • Tahrir Square
  • Cairo Tower
  • Mukhtar Museum
  • Manial Palace
Attractions You Must Visit in Luxor:

Luxor Egypt

  • Valley of the Kings
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Karnak
  • Deir el-Bahari
  • Ramesseum
Attractions You Must Visit in Sharm El Sheikh:


  • Naama Bay
  • Aqua Blue Water Park
  • El Sherif Safari
  • Aladin Casino
  • Tiran Island
Attractions You Must Visit in Alexandria:


  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Fort Qaitbey
  • Stanley Bridge
  • The Corniche
  • Roman Amphitheatre

Don’t Miss the Secret of Egypt -The Oasis of the Western Desert:

This part of Egypt which is waiting to be discovere is right from the hidden tombs in Bahariya to the Valley of the Golden Mummies and amazing White Desert near Farafra to Alexander’s Temple and giant dunes of the Great Sand Sea near Siwa Oasis.

Cheap Thrills: Where to Find Ultimate Things at Affordable Cost?

Khan Al-Khalili bazar

  • Luxor Temple at sunset- For the mere cost of an entrance ticket, go to the wonderful Luxor Temple just before sundown and first watch the spot bask in the last rays as the sun sets over the Nile.
  • Khan Al-Khalili bazar in Cairo has best things to pick at cheap cost.
  • Check out things at Old Sharm Bazar at Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Abou Tarek restaurant in Cairo serves the best khoshary at the best affordable price.

Must-Try Dishes in Egypt

Egypt Food

During your Egypt trip, you can tantalize your taste buds with local dishes such as:

  • Fool (A Bean Paste)
  • Tamaiya (Beans Pressed into a Patty and Fried in Oil)
  • Babaganoush (Eggplant Paste)
  • Tahina (A Sesame Paste)
  • Koushari (A Mixture of Rice, Macaroni, Lentils and Chickpeas with a Spicy Sauce and Kebabs)

Note: Salads often accompany meals. So, try to avoid them (and other uncooked food) unless you are sure they have been washed in purified water.

Health & Safety in Egypt

Diarrhea and stomach bugs are common. So, make sure to drink only bottled or purified water and watch out for salads, ice cubes, and undercooked food.  The heat in Egypt can be intense in summer. So, pack high-factor sunscreen and a hat, and stay well hydrated, especially in summer. And take locals advice on security.

Instagram Moments in Egypt

Egypt Holiday

Head to the Sphinx as soon as the Giza Pyramids opens at 8 AM. And make a beeline through the Valley Temple and walk on the ramp. With the sun rising in the east and creating a warm, and luminescent glow on the face of the Sphinx, gear up to take the best snap of this iconic creature with the Pyramids in the background!

A beach picture at Sharm El sheikh cannot be ignored. Blue waters and the chilled atmosphere are a perfect backdrop for a gorgeous picture.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

  • Egypt is a great winter destination: from December to February the temperatures are warm, making sightseeing attractions much more pleasant, although Cairo can be cool and overcast. Nights can get cold in winter.
  • Spring (March-mid-May) and autumn (September-November) are hotter but still bearable, with warm but not scorching temperatures.

Flights to Egypt

Egypt is well connected by flights to all its cities. Egypt Air, the national airline of Egypt connects the country to all the continents across the globe. The major airports are

  • Cairo International (CAI) is 24km away from Cairo
  • Sharm El Sheikh International (SSH) is 12km away from Sharm El Sheikh
  • Luxor International (LXR) is 6km away from Luxor

Getting Around

  • Domestic flights connect the main cities such as Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria, and Abu Simbel. The internal flights are good for the travelers, who are short on time.
  • Air-conditioned tourist buses serve Egypt’s main attractions, or you can wander across the country with the public transportation (local pick-ups and mini buses).
  • You can also travel on trains from Cairo to Aswan (via Luxor), which provides sleeping cabins for overnight journeys.
  • However, no visit to Egypt is complete without a boat trip on the Nile. So you can sail between the Aswan and Luxor areas using boats.

Note: The boat option ranges from lavish cruise ships to basic, sleep-on-deck feluccas.

Accommodation in Egypt

Even though a tent is the best option for experiencing remote desert areas, there are several hotels in Egypt. There are cheap hotels, five-star hotels, and apartments to choose from.

Golden Plaza

Best Hotels to Stay in Egypt

Pro- Tips for a Breezy Trip

  • If you are traveling to Egypt in summer, it’s better to book a hotel with air conditioning and a swimming pool.
  • For the ultimate Egyptian experience, book a hotel near Nile River.

What to Pack?

  • Light cotton clothes and sun block for the hot and humid weather
  • Travel adapters and converters
  • Caps, sunglasses, and shoes for the desert safari
  • Swimming and beach gear
Egypt Visa Details

All travelers, except citizens of Malta and Arab countries, must have Visa to visit Egypt.

Egypt always takes pride in its traditional values and rich heritage and welcomes you with immense warmth and hospitality. Its stunning architectural monuments, exciting adventure activities, and shopping opportunities make it a great place to travel to Egypt.

                                                     Visit Egypt for an enchanting experience!

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Visiting Egypt? These Places are a Must in Your Itinerary