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One of the most well-known ancient markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Al Qaisariya Souq. It can be found in the Al-Rifaa neighborhood of Al-Hofuf city, which is home to several historical structures such as palaces, towers, mosques, and traditional marketplaces. The market was constructed in 1822 AD/1238 AH, and historians claim that King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud had it completely renovated in 1334 AH.

More than 422 shops make up the Al Qaisariya Souq, which stands out for its architectural patterns of walled corridors and raised roofing. Visitors can walk through the market with sufficient airflow and natural light, which helps them better understand the Eastern Province's rich history. The market's businesses had dakas, or terraces, to shield them from rain and flooding in the streets as well as to give tourists and customers a place to sit and take their time perusing the goods. The market was constructed on high ground.

The 'kabnaks,' or furniture placed on the entrances of its shops, is another aspect of the Al Qaisariya Souq. A kabnak is made up of three sections, two of which are placed on the ground for the shop owner to sit on and use as drawers for holding coffee and rice. The third component is connected to the wall above the shop owner's head. Al-economy, Ahsa's which has had a key place in the economy of the Kingdom since the beginning of its history, greatly benefits from the traditional market.

This is evident in the way the Al Qaisariya Souq is organized, including its branches, traditional industries, and goods. These include traditional abayas, home furnishings, fragrances, textiles, gold, watches, accessories, electrical appliances, household utensils, apparel, carpets, groceries, and money exchange stores, in addition to the leather, copper, and footwear industries.

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Address of Al Qaisariya Souq

King Abdulaziz Rd, Al Rafaa North, Al Hofuf 36361, Saudi Arabia

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