Al-Ahsa Oasis

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The largest governorate in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is called Al Ahsa. It provides an amazing landscape, which is a major driver of Al Ahsa tourism. Saudi Arabia is much more than just enormous ochre deserts. Al Ahsa is the model for a lush desert oasis, with more than 2.5 million date palm trees covering a verdant area closer to the inland from Saudi Arabia's Gulf coast. Al Ahsa was named the greatest self-contained oasis in the world by Guinness World Records in October, giving the UNESCO World Heritage region a new accomplishment.

Al Ahsa Oasis is also the biggest oasis in the world and is well known for its date palms. The sand around the region prevents the water from evaporating, resulting in a delightfully chilly spring that draws travelers from all over the world. 

There are many options, which is good news for vacationers. You'll find a lot to discover in this 6,000-year-old oasis, which has long served as an entrance to the Arabian Peninsula for travelers from the East, including hot and cold springs, medieval mosques, and expansive panoramic views.

Because there is so much water nearby, Al Ahsa has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Additionally, compared to Saudi Arabia's arid land, agricultural activities have been successful here. One of the relatively few places in the Arabian Peninsula where rice farming is practiced is Al Ahsa. After petroleum resources were found in 1938, the area underwent a quick modernization and urbanization. Palm trees and tourism attractions are very well known in this area.

Local Life

Al Ahsa Oasis, which contains more than 2.5 million palm trees, is located in the east of Saudi Arabia. The Arabian Peninsula's Gulf region's landscape reflects a way of life that has developed over many years. It includes a lake for farming, as well as canals, wells, gardens, and springs. The majority of crops, particularly palm dates, come from there. Local communities participate in the packaging process, and current marketing strategies are used to make the manufacturer well-known worldwide. Al-Ahsa is a remarkable example of how people have interacted with the environment, as well as a distinctive geo-cultural landscape.

Before you go, make sure to try a khalasah date, which locals adamantly assert is among the greatest in the world. The date fields are a must-see on any Al Ahsa itinerary, but there are a few other places you really must see, and visitors are most likely to visit with their families.

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Al Ahsa National Park, Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia

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