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Ibrahim Palace in Hofuf, which dates back over 500 years, is one of the most notable landmarks in the Al-Ahsa region. There are various military watchtowers in the palace. When King Abdul Aziz took over Al-Ahsa in 1913, he strengthened the palace by building soldiers' barracks in the eastern wing of the building and adding Islamic domes and enormous towers in a military design. According to legend, it was renamed in honor of the architect Ibrahim bin Afysan who restored the building in 1801.

The palace, which is more than 16,500 square meters in size, combines traditional Islamic and modern architectural elements. Al-Quba Mosque is located inside and features a single dome perched over the entire structure, which was unusual for Saudi Arabia at the time. The palace, which was constructed on a commercial thoroughfare with connections to the outside world, has come to represent the richness of the area.

Best Things to do in Ibrahim Palace:

Enjoy exploring and taking pictures of the military stronghold, which has long walls and outposts that have seen numerous Ottoman-era fights involving the ancient city.

On the eastern side of the palace, you may tour soldiers' barracks, barriers, and stables to learn about military life and how wars were waged in the past when the Ottoman Empire ruled the Saudi city.

The renowned Dome Mosque is where you can pray while admiring its remarkable architecture, which is ornamented with semicircular domes, arches, and gypsum windows designed in a very Islamic style.

If you've chosen to visit the palace in the summer, you can worship in its open chapel by going to the western and eastern corridors that lead to the Dome Mosque or the Palace of Sa'd.

The Saudi Tourism Authority's annual heritage desertion festival in Al-Ahsa is the most notable of the cultural events that the palace witnesses each year.


The heart of Al Ahsa, with its magnificently renovated market and old town, is the ideal place for tourists to start their day. People can visit the Ibrahim Palace and the House of Allegiance, where they swore allegiance to the man who founded present-day Saudi Arabia. A masterpiece of architecture created throughout the first Saudi state is the Ibrahim Palace. It was one of the earliest locations used as an army base and afterward as the garrison's administrative center. Built during the first Saudi state, this majestic white castle and palace are incredibly magnificent in their architecture. It has a mosque and barracks that is still in use, and it was originally an army base.

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Address of Ibrahim Palace

King Khalid Rd, Al Rafaa North, Al Hofuf 36361, Saudi Arabia

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