King Abdullah Environment Park

One of Al Ahsa's most interesting locations because it's perfect for picnics with families and young children. The park features a huge area of greenery along with a play area and fountains. Because of its stunning surroundings and dedication to highlighting regional and national heritage, King Abdullah Environmental Park is quickly earning a solid reputation as a top tourist destination in the Eastern Province. The park, which is more than 500,000 square meters in size and is situated in Al-Ahsa, is very well-liked by neighborhood families.

Largest Fountain:

Being one of the biggest parks in the Eastern Region it has one of several amenities that the Al Ahsa administration aims to offer to locals and tourists. They also constructed the largest fountain in the world, (the construction cost was around $23,93,587.80) which was included in the Guinness World Records as the fountain with the longest reach. The fountain also has a laser showcase in the middle of it. When the fountain is launched, the laser adds an aesthetic shape to it and creates an eye-catching aesthetic form. You can take memorial photos with the fountain as the background to remember your fun times in the park. At the park's entrance, there are two fountains.

Water Lake:

The park has a water lake that is 700 meters long and 40 meters wide. In the middle of the water is a delightful island with an attractive shape, and the lake is surrounded by greenary so you can enjoy relaxing in front of the water while also admiring the trees, palms, and greenery in a stunning aesthetic painting. When night falls, the nerves and there, the lights are reflected in the lake's glittering waters, adding to the picturesque and romantic vista.


The large park has a variety of amazing amenities, such as an interactive fountain that, due to its beauty and technology, frequently serves as the focal point of numerous cultural events. Numerous playgrounds and a 700-square meter water island in the middle of the lake provide for the needs of kids.


There is a historic mosque, a small old-house, and markets strong brand goods, so anyone wishing to learn about Saudi culture won't be let down. Visitors can also take pleasure in observing artisans at work. To promote local tourism, the park conducts numerous entertainment festivals and events.

Quiet Area:

The Palm Museum is located here, along with a heritage village that includes a collection of ancient historical buildings portraying the reality of Al-Ahsa in peace, away from the hustle and bustle. It was named the quiet area because it is a favorite spot for families to unwind and calm down.

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Address of King Abdullah Environment Park

Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

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King Abdullah Environment Park

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