Ain Hleetan Well & Al Khor Towers

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Spend some time in Al Khor to see a stunning depiction of an ancient well that provided for the needs of the residents. The Ain Hleetan Well provided the Al Mahanda tribe with their essential requirement for drinking water while they lived close to the Persian Gulf beach, now known as the city of Al Khor.

About 150 years ago, this community built the well after finding a spring during hare-hunting. Ancient literature has spoken of the therapeutic powers of this water, and because of this, people call it 'the doctor.' They believed that the well's water could cure illnesses.

Ain Hleetan is one of Qatar's 100 wells and springs that have been discovered and are undergoing various phases of preservation as historical landmarks. The well was previously turned off to stop the water flow while doing routine maintenance and cleaning. Currently, this water supply is managed and watched over by the staff that specializes in architectural conservation.

To the west of the well lies the three Al Khor Towers. Built in the early 1900s on a small hill, this tower served as a lookout for watching pearl divers and keeping an eye out for pirates. The tower is about 13 feet (4 meters) in circumference, with walls about 2 feet (60 centimeters) thick. Previously, the watchmen used a rope to mount the 26-foot (8-meter) tower. Tiny openings were created near the tower roofs to offer cover for the defenders who would unleash projectiles in the case of an invasion. Only by using ropes could one ascend to the towers' peaks.

Ain Hleetan Well was protected by this tower, which was built with a view of the Al Khor Harbor and provided a protective purpose by watching out for approaching ships and positioning itself there.

How to explore Al Khor Towers and Ain Hleetan Well?

  • Visit the Ain Hleetan well to view what was referred to as 'the Doctor' due to its beneficial health properties.
  • Observe the round well, which is constructed of gravel, clay, and plaster. You will comprehend how it was made and discover the materials employed in the past to build such robust and sturdy construction.
  • The towers were made of a combination of mud and locally mined stone and had a barrel-like shape. Keep an eye out for the arrow-shaped carvings on the parapets.
  • It is open every day of the week, so stop by whenever you like.
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Al khor, Qatar

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Ain Hleetan Well & Al Khor Towers

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