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Al Khor Zoo, which occupies an area of around 240,000 square meters and is one of the country's largest zoos, is also one of Qatar's oldest wildlife parks. This family zoo was rehabilitated by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), which also included other public facilities, before reopening it to visitors and residents. The family park in Qatar is now more than just an animal zoo; it is a popular tourist destination where you can spend the entire day adding fun to your family holiday.

The most remarkable wildness, with a sizable habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic wilds, may be found in Al-Khor Park. This zoo provides you with the best animal experience in the country.

Al-Khor Park is home to various marine creatures, including fish, whale sharks, and certain migratory birds, in addition to nocturnal species, mammals, and reptiles. The location is safe for wildlife and humans because the animals are cared for with the highest diligence. The Al Khor Family Park and Zoo has a vast area and attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually.

It gives kids a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the gorgeous wilds, their behavior, and their habitat. The family park is home to 49 distinct wild species and more than 315 animals. Two hundred ninety other species are housed in the new area of this zoo that includes crocodiles, birds, and others.

How to explore Al Khor Park & zoo?

  • This zoo has a large infrastructure built with upscale restaurants, mosques, and fountains to improve its aesthetic appeal.
  • The park offers a park specifically designed for kids with games and thrilling rides. The children's play area in Al Khor is the finest for families, thanks to the skate park, basketball court, surfboards, and battery-powered trains.
  • Check out the zoo's well-maintained wild cats and rhinos. They are positioned such that you can see them well from 1.5 meters away.
  • View 20 lovebirds and wild birds, eight parrots of Indian origin, two varieties of yellow and blue Macaw birds, and eight other bird species.
  • Find 10 Caso birds from Africa like flamingos.
  • Observe the magnificence of the twenty-four peacocks, twelve ibis and white ducks, eight Ethiopian chickens, and white geese that are gathered around the pond.
  • Asian bears, two Bengal tigers, white tigers, black jaguars, African lions, and cheetahs are all housed in the zoo.
  • Visit the old section of the zoo to see two chimpanzees, twelve baboons, Cappuccino, 16 vervets, and possibly three recuses. Additionally, the older area is home to four sika gazelles, twenty-six gazelle deer, five types of African and Australian ostriches, and seven zebras.
  • View 12 rare pygmy monkey species, representing six different subspecies. The barn area is where the monkeys are kept so that the visitor can observe the wilds from a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Recently, Nile crocodiles were introduced to the crocodile pond that was constructed artificially.
  • You may engage with the enormous wild giraffes there, get up close and personal with them, and even feed them.
  • For the enjoyment of golfers, there is also a golf area.
  • Al Khor Zoo's walls are exquisitely decorated with murals and paintings. Witness the beauty of these walls.

Address of Al Khor Park & Zoo

Al Shamal Road Towards Al Khor City, Al Khor Qatar

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