Archiginnasio di Bologna

The Archiginnasio di Bologna is a historic building in Bologna, Italy, that was once the main building of the University of Bologna. It was built in the 16th century and served as the university's main building until the 19th century. The building is known for its beautiful inner courtyard and the intricate decoration on its façade, which includes statues and inscriptions.

The building now houses the Archiginnasio Municipal Library, which has a collection of over 800,000 books and manuscripts, as well as a museum that displays the history of the University of Bologna.

How to explore Archiginnasio di Bologna?

  • The museum is located inside the building and displays the history of the university, including old scientific instruments.
  • Check out 800,000 books and manuscripts, including rare and ancient texts about Bologna, in its library. You can browse the collection and learn about the history of the University of Bologna.
  • The inner courtyard of the Archiginnasio is a beautiful space that is surrounded by arcades and decorated with statues and inscriptions. Spend some time in this courtyard to admire the beauty of art. It is a -serene space that is perfect for relaxing and taking in the architecture of the building.
  • Guided tours of the building are available and offer a deeper understanding of the history and architecture of the Archiginnasio. Take up one of the guided tours for a better understanding of the history and architecture.
  • Visit the Anatomical Theater, located inside the Archiginnasio. It was built in the 16th century and is one of the vintages of its kind in the world that has been surviving to date.
  • The Archiginnasio occasionally hosts cultural events, such as concerts, lectures, and exhibitions. Check the website for upcoming events.
  • Sala Borsa is a public library and information center located next to the Archiginnasio. It is a great place to learn more about the city of Bologna and its culture.
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    3 hours

Address of Archiginnasio di Bologna

Piazza Galvani 1, 40124, Bologna, Italy

Opening & Closing time of Archiginnasio di Bologna

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