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The Teatro Anatomico, or Anatomical Theater, built in 1594, was a type of lecture hall specifically designed for the demonstration of human dissections and anatomical lectures during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These structures were typically built within universities and medical schools and often featured tiered seating for students and a raised platform or stage for dissections.

The Teatro Anatomico in Padua is one of the most renowned examples of this type of structure and is still preserved today. It was designed as an open-air theater with tiered seating for students and a central stage where cadavers were dissected and examined. The Theater was used for medical education until the late 19th century and is now a museum open to the public.

How to explore Teatro Anatomico?

  • Take a guided tour of the Theater and learn about its history and significance in the development of modern medicine.
  • The Theater now houses a number of exhibits that showcase the history of anatomy and medicine, including historical medical instruments and artifacts, including skeletons and models of human organs.
  • Some tours of the Theater include a demonstration of a dissection, although this may vary depending on the time of your visit. These tours are in English and Italian. During the tour, you will notice that the - Theater still has the original wooden tables used for dissections. These are now preserved as artifacts.
  • Visit the adjacent Museum of the History of Medicine, located in the same building. It hosts many historical medical instruments and books and offers a deeper understanding of the evolution of the science of medicine.
  • The Theater has frescoes on the ceiling and walls, which depict various medical themes and were painted by prominent artists of the time.
  • The Teatro Anatomico is considered a historical architectural wonder. It is a great place for photography enthusiasts.
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Address of Teatro Anatomico

Piazza Galvani 2, 40124, Bologna, Italy

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