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The Rundetrn, also known as The Round Tower and formerly known as Stellaburgis Hafniens, is a tower that was constructed in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 17th century. It was one of the various architectural projects that Christian IV of Denmark undertook.

It was built specifically to function as an astronomical observatory.

Its most remarkable characteristics are:

  • An equestrian staircase.
  • A spiral corridor with 7.5 turns leads to the top platform (34.8 meters above ground).
  • Expansive views over Copenhagen.

Things to do at Rundetrn:

  • The building's architecture is both peculiar and interesting:

To reach the tower's top, you must climb a spiral ramp that is 209 meters long and goes around the hollow core of the tower 7.5 times. It was constructed to carry out astronomical observations; however, in 1861, those activities were moved elsewhere.

People have been able to scale the mountain using a wide range of vehicles throughout history. These vehicles include automobiles, bicycles, unicycles, and even horses, as was the case with Peter the Great in 1726.

Visitors to the site, on the other hand, are restricted to using just their own two feet.

  • Reach the observation platform at the very top of the building by climbing the spiral ramp that is located on the exterior of the building.:

Once there, you will have breathtaking views over the entire city. In addition, there is a glass floor situated 25 meters above the ground and a brand-new attraction that allows guests to look down into the tower's heart. Those fans of Hans Christian Andersen's work will find it fascinating that the tower contains one of his well-known stories called 'The Tinderbox.'

  • The bricks that make up the tower are alternatingly red, yellow, and yellow: 

Oldenburg's influence may be seen in the Round Tower structure, a cylindrical building composed of alternating red and yellow bricks. Steenwinckel left his sense of style behind with the Trinitatis Complex.

In contrast to his previous constructions, which include elaborate ornamentations and towering spires, the complex is built in a streamlined and understated manner.

  • Observe the versatility of design and pattern play: 

The tower is built out of various materials and designs, including a 7.5-turn spiral ramp that serves as the only entry to the observatory at the top of the tower and the church's library hall and bell-loft, all of which are located within the tower. An inscription in gold rebus symbols may be seen on the upper facade of the tower.

  • Many different activities take place at the tower throughout the year:

In today's world, the Round Tower serves various purposes, including as a historical monument, an observation tower, a public astronomical observatory, a venue for concerts and exhibits, and more. Concerts, exhibits, and public observatories are some examples of these types of events.

In addition, the Rundetaarn Unicycle Race and Views are competitions in the Round Tower, which frequently plays home to these events.

The applicants are required to climb the tower and descend it again.

  • Many hotels and restaurants may be found near the skyscraper: 

There are a variety of places to eat and stay in the area surrounding the tower, such as the Rosenborg Hotel Apartments (located 0.06 kilometers away), 3 Bed Rooms (located 0.06 kilometers away), and the 2 Bed Room Loft Apartment (located 0.06 kilometers away) (0.04 miles away).

A few eateries, including Hanega, Doep, Studenterhuset, and Den Okologiske Polsemand, can be found close to Rundetrn.

Hanega, Doep is just 0.01 kilometers away. 

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    3 hours

Address of Rundetårn

Købmagergade 52A, 1150 Copenhagen, Denmark

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