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Sondermarken is a park in Copenhagen that can be found between Valby and Frederiksberg. It is one of the city's many parks and provides open space and a beautiful setting. Its history is intimately connected to Frederiksberg Park, the only physical barrier separating it from Roskildevej, which runs through the park.

Things to do at Sondermarken:

  • A museum of contemporary glass art that features both a permanent collection as well as a room that is dedicated to hosting temporary exhibitions:

Sondermarken is the location of three underground cisterns that were previously a component of Copenhagen's earliest water supply system. These cisterns can be found in the area known as Sndermarken.

The museum is near Roskildevej, just across from the front entrance to the zoo, and is topped by two entrance pavilions and a fountain dating back to the year 1890.

  • The Memorial Mound is a place of remembrance for veterans:

The Memorial Mound was constructed in 1925 to pay tribute to the Danish people who immigrated to the United States. It is located on a slope, and the only way to access it is by a narrow path lined with stones and tall trees surrounding it.

The inscription 'They who set out, never to return' may be found etched over the entranceway. In the center of the room, there is a statue of a woman who is larger than life and is cradling her children in her arms. This figure is meant to represent Mother Denmark.

There are nine bas-relief carvings on the wall, each showing a different aspect of the exiles' lives and activities while they were away from home.

The five different continents are represented by a star with five points drawn on the ground.

  • Go free, go wild into nothingness: 

Jogging, walking their dogs, and strolls are popular ways for the locals of Sndermarken to use the region's steep and wooded topography:

You are allowed to go at your own pace so long as you stay by the 'hares,' which are lights affixed to poles that are placed along the course and function as signals.

There are many ways to evaluate your current level of physical fitness here, such as by attempting to maintain your balance on tree stumps and jumping on trampolines. You have the option of taking your children to the playground or allowing them to investigate the cisterns that were formerly used as water basins for the city of Copenhagen.

  • A new ecosystem is coming into being:

The nature guides from Frederiksberg now have a home base in this area of the Nordic wilderness, replete with a modest waterfall and a narrow bridge across a creek. This is the beginning of the formation of a new ecosystem. This location is home to various natural features, including untamed flora and fauna, long grass reminiscent of a meadow, and even owls that inhabit the older trees. In addition, the Southern Field is home to a wide variety of fascinating natural occurrences, the majority of which are insects. To create habitats for an ever greater variety of plant and animal species, man-made and naturally regenerating wetlands are being developed in increasingly smaller regions.

Explore the neighborhood:

  1. Cisternerne 
  2. Copenhagen Zoo
  3. Frederiksberg Slotskirke 
  4. Frederiksborg Castle 
  5. Frederiksberg Slot - Ridehus 
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Address of Sondermarken

Pile Allé 55, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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