The National Museum of Denmark

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Travel through time at Denmark's most important historical museum. 

Everything from Viking artifacts and the grave of the Egtved girl to Egyptian mummies, Renaissance artwork, and contemporary art is displayed at the National Museum. 

Things to do at The National Museum of Denmark:

  • The museum's structure itself is historically significant in addition to the exhibits it houses:

The Prince's Palace, constructed by court architect Nicolai Eigtved in 1743–1744, houses the National Museum. The Gallery comprises a large hallway connecting the various sleeping and living areas and offering plenty of room for exquisite handicrafts. The panels, oak parquet floor, and ceiling stucco are all considered original features. 

  • Important exhibits to help you travel through time and Danish history:

The exhibits at this museum constantly rotate because of the variety of its collection. A significant permanent exhibition on Danish antiquity also features well-known national treasures like the more than 3,000-year-old Sun Chariot, the Bronze Age Egtved Girl, and a staggering array of Viking-era artifacts. The Huldremose Woman, whose well-preserved remains are thought to date from the first decade of the first century AD, is another sight you can see. 

The ethnographic Exhibition is the most notable highlight of the permanent collection. You'll find archaeological artifacts from all over the world that museum curators selected through collaboration with various communities. 

The National Museum also houses sizable ethnographic collections, collections of classical and Near Eastern artifacts, collections of coins and medals, and a museum dedicated to toys. You can also see the essentially unaltered Victorian apartment Klunkehjemmet, built-in 1890. 

  • Indulge in a unique experience: 

Visitors are invited to Meet the Vikings, an exhibition that recreates what Queen Tove might have looked like alongside warrior berserkers, homemakers, and peasants, many of whom are shown wearing jewelry from Denmark's largest treasure troves, as one of the many treasures to be discovered. 

  • Little People's Museum for education and engagement of the kids:

The Children's Museum is one area of the museum that is specifically for the very young visitor. Try taking a trip on a Viking ship, exploring a medieval kitchen, or admiring the stunning colors and silk's smooth texture in a Pakistani store. Children who want to play and explore will love this hands-on section of the museum. 

  • Visit SMR restaurant for local delicacies:

The excellent restaurant SMR is located inside the museum, along with a café and a gift shop. Danish classics like open-faced sandwiches are available here with a modern twist. The restaurant emphasizes sustainability and locally sourced, flavorful ingredients.

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Address of The National Museum of Denmark

Prince's Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København K, Denmark

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