Parc de la Colombiere

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Land for people to play boules on, flower beds, trees that are more than a century old, ponds, statues, a temple dedicated to love, a rose garden with more than two hundred different kinds of roses, and a stream where swans and ducks play.

Parc de la Colombiere has everything one could want, and as a result, many people visit it to relax in the cool shade cast by the trees or to read a book while lying down on the grass of the welcoming lawns.


• Explore the castle's vicinity, the medieval garden, or the wisteria arbor at the labyrinth's entrance:

The French-style park, created in the 17th century by a student of Le Nôtre, aligns perspectives, radiating paths, and symmetrical flowerbeds.

There are 6,000 leafy trees on the property, a 17th-century Temple of Love, and the ruins of the Roman road Agrippa.

A footbridge connecting the castle to the gardens spans a straightened and channeled riverbed. It is traversed by a broad avenue lined with lime trees, a favorite stroll for Dijon residents.

• A stroll through the center of this magnificent French garden will transport you to a different era:

Dijon's Parc de la Colombière is a sizable park with lovely pathways. You can walk, scoot, rollerblade, or ride a bike. Rosalies are available, and kids who want to can test drive donkey-drawn carriage rides or even ride on the back of one.

The 'Champs Élysées dijonnais,' or park alleys, are found to the south of the city and are planted with chestnut trees. These lanes take you directly to the 33-hectare green and wooded Parc de la Colombière, away from the hustle bustle of the city. The 3,500 trees in the fully restored wood include lime, chestnut, oak, hornbeam, ash, maple, and conifer.

• For the enjoyment of young children, numerous play areas—including one accessible to the disabled—and animal enclosures have been set up.

Children will undoubtedly appreciate the playgrounds and discover the park's animals. The chance to play frantic games of the goose game, giant chess, and many other games for young and old with family or friends.

• Watch balance play out in all the facets here:

In the perspective of the Castel facade, sixteen alleys—eight wide and eight narrow—radiate out in a star shape from a central roundabout in the center of the park. They are linked to each other by an octagonal alley that circles the wood.

• You will find animals from various French regions or the world in the park:

The entire barnyard comprises various breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, doves, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more 'exotic' animals like alpacas and emus. There are also deer, fallow deer, sheep, goats, mouflons, donkeys, ponies, and a black pig.

Kids adore it!

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Address of Parc de la Colombiere

Cours du Parc, 21000, Dijon France

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