Paroisse Notre-Dame De Dijon

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The Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy is located on the same square as the Notre Dame de Dijon church, about 300 meters away.

Given that the Owl of Dijon may be seen sitting on one of its buttresses, it is one of the most well-known churches in the area.


Find out about its architecture's distinctive qualities:

The period between 1230 and 1250 saw the Notre Dame de Dijon building. With a towering gateway topped by a double row of arcades, lovely columns, and harmonious proportions, it is a masterpiece of Burgundian Gothic built in 20 years.

The Notre-Dame church's western facade is especially striking. It stands out due to the existence of three portals that correspond to the three divisions of the nave, as well as its double superimposed galleries, triple frieze, and 51 fake gargoyles.

Inside the colored stained glass windows, two roses stand out in particular.

Take note of the worshippers' steadfast faith in idol worship:

Visit the Black Virgin, also known as Our Lady of Good Hope, the most special item inside the structure. The 11th-century wooden statue of a black Madonna, also known as Notre-Dame de Bon-Espoir, attracts devotees and tourists who linger in front of it. This statue has worked numerous miracles for believers (especially during the wars that affected the city).

Determine the Jacquemart positioned atop the south tower.

Another remarkable aspect of this Dijon church is its Jacquemart, which has been watched since 1383. Philippe le Hardi offered it as a gift; a clock with a bell and an automaton striking the hour (brought back from the belfry of Kortrijk in Belgium after a war).

In the future, other automatons were added to complete this Jacquemart family, including a wife in 1651 and two children (in 1714 and 1884).

Seek luck by whispering your wishes to the owl:

As you leave, move to the right side of the cathedral, stand six feet off the ground, and stroke the fabled Dijon Owl's head with your left hand.

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Address of Paroisse Notre-Dame De Dijon

2 Place Notre Dame, 21000, Dijon France

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Paroisse Notre-Dame De Dijon

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