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Because it wonderfully embodies the city's charming ambiance and centuries-old beauty, the Rue des Forges is the ideal first stop for tourists arriving in Dijon. Because of this, it is the perfect first stop for travelers arriving in Dijon.

Because it connects several of the city's best sights, including the Philippe le Bon Tower, the Dijon Town Hall, and the Palace of the Dukes and Burgundy States, the Rue des Forges is a crucial stop on most local tourism itineraries. This is because it connects a number of the city's top landmarks.


• Appreciate the many different kinds of structures and the functions they perform:

You'll get a glimpse of Dijon's luxury from a bygone period because some of its constructions date back between 400 and 500 years.

The wet nurse who cared for Charles the Bold was the original owner of the Hôtel Morel-Sauvegrain, which can be found at numbers 52–56 and has a facade from the 15th century.

The beautiful arcaded front of the Hôtel Aubriot, which dates back to the 13th century, stands in stark contrast to the classical doorway at number 40.

A wonderfully ornamented front may be seen at number 38, which belongs to Maison Maillard, more commonly referred to as Milsand.

The Hôtel Chambellan, built in the 15th century and can be found at number 34, is a magnificent example of civil construction that attests to the wealth of its proprietors.

• Embrace the enticing attraction of the old world while you bask in the calming effect it has on your senses:

The street is a segment of the Owl Trail, designed to provide hikers with a flavor of the historic charm of Dijon.

The Hôtel Chambellan, the Maison Maillard, and the Hôtel Aubriot are just a few examples of the heritage hôtels particuliers that can be found in this area. Each of these buildings features a unique combination of architectural styles.

• Delight in regional specialties that are rich in flavor and French in origin:

It is a lively avenue filled with shops, eateries, dessert parlors, cafes, and other attractions. The Boulevard takes on a personality and becomes a destination in its own right whenever the annual food festival is held there.

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