Art Naji

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Art Naji is a traditional, family-operated pottery store in Fes, preserving the time-honored craft of crafting the city's iconic blue-painted pottery. The Fakhari family has passed down this artistry from one generation to the next, with fathers imparting their knowledge and skills to their sons. At this rare establishment, pottery and zellij tile mosaics are painstakingly handcrafted with love and care. Every step of making ceramics by hand, from molding the soft clay to hand-painting the fired pieces to intricately assembling each mosaic.

Things to do at Art Naji:

Visiting Art Naji in Fes is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the traditional craft of pottery. Here are some enjoyable things to do at this family-run pottery store:

  • Observe the Craftsmanship:

Observe the skilled artisans as they shape and mould the soft clay, paint the fired pieces by hand, and painstakingly assemble the intricate zellij tile mosaics. Witnessing the craftsmanship in action offers enriching experience.

  • Take a Guided Tour:

Taking a guided tour of Art Naji to learn about the history of the pottery store, the techniques used in creating the pottery and mosaics, and the significance of this art form.

  • Try Pottery Making:

Participate in a pottery-making workshop if available. With the help of skilled artists, you can try your hand at shaping clay and making your own piece of pottery during this hands-on activity.

  • Engage with Artisans:

Interact with the artisans and staff at Art Naji. They are often happy to share their knowledge and passion for their craft, making your visit even more insightful.

  • Learn about the History:

Enquire about the history of Art Naji and how the Fakhari family has preserved this traditional craft over the years. Understanding the store's legacy adds depth to the experience.

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Art Naji

Near to Quartier Ain Noqbi, Morocco, Fes

Opening & Closing time of Art Naji

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