Fes el-Jdid

Fes el-Jdid or Fes Jdid, also known as 'New Fes,' is a historic district located in the city of Fes. Unlike Fes el-Bali, which is the ancient medina, Fes el-Jdid is relatively modern and was established during the Marinid dynasty in the 13th century. The neighborhood is distinguished by the alluring fusion of Moroccan and Andalusian architectural styles.

Fes el-Jdid is home to several notable landmarks, including the Royal Palace, which was once the center of Moroccan government. The palace's grand gates and impressive walls showcase the opulence and grandeur associated with Moroccan royalty.

While Fes el-Jdid is newer compared to the ancient medina, it remains an important part of Fes' cultural and historical tapestry, offering a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. Visitors can enjoy walking through its streets, finding historical sites, and seeing a different side of Fes's charm.

Things to do in Fes el-Jdid:

  • Visit Mellah:

Within Fes el-Jdid, visitors can also explore Mellah, the old Jewish quarter of the city, which carries a significant historical and cultural legacy. In the Mellah, you can find synagogues, old Jewish homes, and markets that show you Fes's rich Jewish history.

  • Explore the Great Mosque:

The Great Mosque of Fes el-Jdid serves as the main Friday mosque. Its origin dates back to 1276, coinciding with the establishment of Fes el-Jdid.

  • Savor the Moroccan cuisine:

Savor the delicious Moroccan cuisine at restaurants and cafes in Fes el-Jdid. Try traditional dishes like tagine, couscous, and pastilla to experience the rich flavors of the region.

  • Visit the surrounding landmarks:

Some of the major landmarks to visit in Fes el-Jdid include al-Hamra Mosque, Lalla ez-Zhar Mosque, Moulay Abdallah Mosque, Ibn Danan Synagogue, the Jewish Cemetery, Dar al-Makina, etc.

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Address of Fes el-Jdid

Near to Bd Prince Moulay Abdellah, Morocco, Fes

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