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Seffarine Square, also known as Seffarine or Saffarin, is a charming small square nestled within the historic medina of Fes. Positioned on the southern side of the renowned Qarawiyyin Mosque, it sits in close proximity to the meandering Bou Khrareb River that flows through the heart of the medina. With origins dating back to the Middle Ages, the square has seen modern renovations that have kept it vibrant and attractive.

Surrounding the square are significant landmarks: to the northwest stands the esteemed Qarawiyyin's library, while to the east lies the elegant Saffarin Madrasa. Completing the ensemble is the Saffarin Hammam, a traditional bathhouse, located to the southwest. The name 'Seffarine' pays homage to the skilled coppersmiths who have plied their trade in this location for countless centuries. Their craftsmanship adds to the square's historical and cultural significance.

Today, Seffarine Square remains a hub of activity and a captivating destination for both locals and visitors, providing an opportunity to soak in the authentic ambiance of Fes' medina while admiring its rich architectural heritage.

Things to do at Place Seffarine

Place Seffarine, with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, offers visitors a variety of delightful experiences to enjoy. Here are some things to do at Place Seffarine:

  • Observe Coppersmiths at Work:

Take the time to watch skilled coppersmiths practice their traditional craft. They have been working in this square for centuries, and witnessing their craftsmanship is a unique and fascinating experience.

  • Shop for Copperware:

Explore the shops around the square to find a wide range of beautifully handcrafted copper items. From decorative pieces to functional utensils, you can purchase souvenirs to cherish or gifts for loved ones back home.

  • Soak in the Atmosphere:

Sit at one of the nearby cafes or benches and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the square. The hustle and bustle of locals going about their daily routines and tourists exploring the area create an authentic ambiance.

  • Admire Architectural Gems:

Take a moment to appreciate the surrounding architectural treasures, such as the Qarawiyyin's library and the Saffarin Madrasa. The intricate details and historic significance of these structures make for captivating sights.

  • Sample Local Cuisine:

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Morocco by trying some local dishes from nearby cafes and eateries. Savor traditional tagines, couscous, or Moroccan pastries.

  • Photography:

Capture the vibrant colors, textures, and lively scenes of Place Seffarine with your camera. The coppersmiths at work and the stunning architecture provide excellent photo opportunities.

  • Enjoy Live Performances:

At times, you might be lucky enough to witness street performers or musicians adding to the lively atmosphere of the square. Enjoy their talents and the authentic Moroccan entertainment.

  • Engage with Locals:

Strike up conversations with locals or shop owners to learn more about their way of life, traditions, and the history of Place Seffarine.

  • Buy Traditional Crafts:

In addition to copperware, the square's surrounding shops also offer various traditional crafts, such as leather goods, ceramics, and textiles. Support local artisans by purchasing authentic Moroccan products.

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Address of Place Seffarine

327G+MRW - Fes - Morocco

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