Abandoned Village of Kayakoy

Kayaköy is a deserted settlement in Turkey, previously home to over 20,000 Greek Orthodox people. This town's former name was Levissi. Kayaköy, an abandoned Greek hamlet, is its literal translation. After World War I, ethnic conflicts in Turkey escalated, driving the Greek villagers of Kayaköy to permanently abondon their homes and seek refuge in Greece. To ensure that each country had just one dominant faith, these citizens were 'removed' in a population swap with Greece in 1923.

The ghost town of Kayaköy gained fame for a number of reasons - one of them being the novel 'Birds Without Wings' by Louis de Berniere, which is about the romance between a Greek girl and a Turkish man. National Geographic, the undisputed authority in geography, mapping, and adventure, has named Kayakoy as one of the world's top ten ghost towns. 'Water Diviner' Russell Crowe's most recent film was shot there and was recognized as the best and the most successful Australian film of 2014.

How to explore Kayaköy?

  • About 500 homes, three churches, and a school have been preserved in Turkey's Kayaköy Ghost Town. It is now an open-air museum. It is eerie to walk through the abandoned city, but it is easy to envision how bustling it was before the people were forced out.
  • On the right side of the main road stands the Basilica of Panayia Pyrgiotissa, the largest church in the city (it was constructed in 1888). This gothic-style structure is impossible to miss. When you walk inside the structure, there is no one there except you, which can be a bit disconcerting.
  • There are additional churches to explore, each with its own unique style and decoration, such as frescoes, stone carvings, and faux marble reliefs.
  • You can gorge at one of the many cafes or eateries just outside the town. In some restaurants, you may have a brazier at your table cooked with lamb, chicken, beef, vegetables, etc., for yourself.
  • In Kayaköy, you may also have a BBQ lunch in one of the restaurants and gain time to relax in a swimming pool.
  • Visit the nearby Fethiye market, which has everything from leather shoes and bags to Turkish rugs, fresh produce, cheeses, spices, sweets, olive oil, and marinated and smoked olives. Great quality souvenirs, knockoffs of high-end brands, imitation accessories, and home goods (towels, sheets, etc.) can be purchased for pennies.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Abandoned Village of Kayakoy

Kayaköy, 48300 Fethiye, Türkiye

Opening & Closing time of Abandoned Village of Kayakoy

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