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On the northwest coast of the Spanish island of Ibiza, there is a beach called Cala Bassa. It is located 15.5 miles northwest of the town of Ibiza and is part of the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. With a 250-meter-long cove of fine sand and blue waves, it is a hidden gem.

Cala Bassa Beach has soft, pale golden sand and clear, turquoise waters. It is surrounded by a forest of old, gnarled Sabina trees. It is a kid-friendly swimming area, although it is not exactly a 'sleepy' beach because there are a number of adrenaline-pumping water sports available, including jet skis.

It is easily accessible to people of all ages and can be reached by car, boat, and bus. It also has a number of helpful amenities and wooden walkways that provide access for the disabled and strollers.

How to explore Cala Bassa?

  • It is surrounded by lush pine forest and a wooden promenade of ancient juniper trees, many of which have been bent by the wind into odd shapes. On the hottest days, this lush growth is really helpful since it provides shade for travelers who do not like to bake in the sun.
  • There are many water sports enterprises offering diving equipment for rent close to the beach. Pick your favorite water sport, then choose the appropriate gear. All varieties of water activities are accessible right on the beach because of the calm waves. Water skiing and jet skiing are the most popular.
  • Numerous underwater caverns may be found in the rocky area around the cove on its right-hand side, which is a fantastic treat for experienced divers.
  • Snorkeling is always a wonderful choice for people who are just starting out diving. Not only is the water here of the highest quality, but it is also shallow and supports a huge variety of marine species. This is the ideal exercise that combines both enjoyment and learning.
  • The beach is bordered to the left by several short cliffs that are ideal for cliff jumping. Even while the lower cliffs are not particularly hazardous, it is advised to stay out of the water if you feel uneasy and instead enjoy watching brave swimmers execute incredible stunts by jumping into the ocean from a great height.
  • The Cala Bassa Beach Club oversees the four distinct eateries on the beach. There is a snack lounge at the far end of the bay, although they are generally pretty upscale alternatives.
  • The beach club provides a wide range of amenities, including beach shops, a massage room, showers, restrooms, and changing areas. All day long, DJs spin a variety of lounge, chill-out, and deep-house tunes.

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Address of Cala Bassa

Ibiza City, Spain

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