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The sandy bed and turquoise waters of Cala Salada are among the most alluring features of the island. The area is framed on all sides by hills covered in the pine forest.

The little, sheltered sandy cove of Cala Salada is a favorite hangout for locals and people who own private boats because it is encircled by pine-forested hills on all sides.

On summer weekend days, visitors can be seen strewn on the rocks that separate Cala Salada and the adjacent Cala Saladita beaches due to the large number of people that gather at this relatively small beach.

How to explore Playa Cala Salada?

  • The water is crystal clear, somewhat shallow, and excellent for swimming. Also, the sea bed is composed primarily of fine sand.
  • On the rocky promontory to the right side of the beach is where you will find the picture-perfect stone tower. There are paths that lead over the top of the tower and down to the small strip of sandy beach that is Cala Saladita.
  • Boathouses hewn out of the rock can be found to the left. In this relatively untouched region, well-traveled roads that lead into the hills are frequently used for going on hikes.
  • You can also jump off the cliffs, but do so with extreme caution and make sure to check the depth of the water before you do so. It is not always safe to jump from different locations.
  • Caves in Ses Fontanelles can also be explored if you are interested. The paintings in these caves date back to the Bronze Age and have gained a lot of attention.
  • You may access the water from the sea by descending the massive stone steps that go down from the caverns, where you can swim in full seclusion.
  • At one end of the beach, along the water's edge, there is a restaurant that serves regional specialties such as seafood paella and is very well-liked by the community. Additionally, it features a kiosk where customers may quickly grab an ice cream and cool refreshments to take with them.
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Address of Playa Cala Salada

Ibiza City, Spain

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