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Cala Comte is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza due to its breathtaking views of the several small islands that are located in close proximity to the island's shoreline, its stunning blue waters, and the many diverse regions that may be explored.

There are two distinct sections of sand, one of which is bordered by a rocky coastline and the other by sand dunes.

How to explore Cala Comte?

  • The clean, shallow water is perfect for taking a dip in and is as safe as a public pool. Be very cautious if you decide to swim out into the open water; there are very powerful currents in this area, and even the most experienced swimmers should steer clear of trying to reach the island that is located offshore.
  • If you plan on visiting the beach during the high season, your best bet is to go either extremely early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The areas of sand are limited, but the water is so alluring that you will find yourself spending the majority of your time in it anyhow.
  • This beach features a multitude of rocky outcrops, which make it an interesting location for snorkeling. It is also one of the best beaches to see the sunset from, and thousands congregate both on land and on boats further out in the water to take in the calming spectacle.
  • Sunset Ashram is the name of a beach restaurant that has breathtaking vistas thanks to its prominent location as well as an ingeniously crafted structure that was supposed to resemble the rocks on which it is perched. Sunset Ashram welcomes a rotating cast of DJs every night to spin records while the sun goes down.
  • As you make your way along the cliffs on the right side of the path, you will come to two restaurants, each with a breathtaking view; both restaurants are wonderful places to have fresh seafood. We strongly advise making a reservation at the restaurant as soon as you get to the beach if you are planning on eating there for lunch or later in the day for the sunset.
  • Cala Escondida, which translates to 'the hidden cove,' is the name of a third and much smaller bay that can be found at the very western end and is accessible by steps that have been cut into the rock. A quaint ‘Chiringuito’, which is one of the first beach lounges on the island and serves wholesome fare, can be found on the premises.

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Address of Cala Comte

Ibiza City, Spain

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