Playa de Es Canar

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Saint Eufemia is the city where the beach is located. It has a complex of white, brief structures in the most hippy Ibizan style, and it is incredibly colorful. This creates a beautiful contrast with the sea's blue, which is lighter at first, then darker and deeper as it approaches the shore. With its surroundings of dark green pine forests, light blue skies, and light golden sands, it offers a lovely backdrop.

On the promenade at Es Canar, Ibiza, you may choose from a wide variety of clubs, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Another factor is Es Canar's more laid-back nightlife.

How to explore Playa de Es Canar?

  • From July 6 to July 10, this beach hosts Santa Eulália festivals. The beach is made even more gorgeous by the whole festival setting. Experience the historical Ibiza by attending this festival.
  • The Wednesday Hippy market, a local craft fair, is a worthwhile shopping zone to go for. From the harbor, it is a short walk to the south.
  • The end of Escanar is home to one of the island's most secluded, well-known, and breathtaking beaches. For some privacy, you can spend your leisure time there.
  • Explore the Cala Nova caves, which may be reached by strolling along a seaside route. There are numerous ways to reach this cove. For breathtaking views of the coves and beaches in Es Canar, Ibiza, consider taking the Santa Eulalia coastal route.
  • You can have a pleasant afternoon shopping experience at the local stores beside the beach.
  • Here, you can locate hotels and restaurants where gastronomy continues to expand its selection of fish and meat. Some of these eateries are located on the shore and they wow diners with their firewood-cooked meals.
  • Visit the fortified village of Balafi, which is at a distance of 15 km from Es Canar. It is a visit to the hippest section of Ibiza with no clubs and the party goes on with the allure of visitors and locals. These groups put on bonfires, guitars, and sunsets to the beat of soothing beach music.
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Address of Playa de Es Canar

Ibiza City, Spain

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