Puig de Missa

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It is a prominent church that has for a long time served as a landmark for visitors coming into town due to its location at the summit of a hill that is 52 meters higher than the surrounding terrain.

The building complex on Puig de Missa is perhaps the most recognizable representation of the municipality of Ibiza. The cultural tour through Santa Eulària des Rius begins at this complex and continues through the town. This enclave is representative of the very beginnings of the town as it contains a church, a cemetery, and a tiny cluster of dwellings.

Constructed in the 16th century on the ruins of a church that had been destroyed as a result of an attack by pirates, Puig de Missa is considered to be one of the most spectacular examples of fortified churches on the islands of Ibiza.

How to explore Puig de Missa?

  • The church of Santa Eulària on the island of Ibiza features the island's largest porch, which is locally known as a porxet. During the middle of the 17th century, it was expanded by the addition of two lateral chapels and two rows of arches throughout its length. These chapels were intended to make the church appear less fortified than it actually was due to the raid by pirates.
  • A notable baroque altarpiece from the San Millán church in Segovia was brought to this church in order to replace the previous altarpiece, which had been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The altarpiece can be seen in the nave inside the church (1936).
  • The elegance of the church's cubic shapes serves as the perfect juxtaposition to the view that can be had from Puig de Missa, which is a breathtaking overview of the coast, the mouth of the river, and the surrounding hills.
  • After you have finished touring the church, take a stroll through the picturesque streets that wind down the hill. This wonderful setting was recognized as a Picturesque Landscape by the United States Department of the Interior in the year 1952.

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Address of Puig de Missa

Ibiza City, Spain

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