Margalla Hills

The Margalla Hills are a mountain range found north of Islamabad, the country's capital. This well-kept national park in the middle of the Lesser Himalayas is an ideal environment for trekking, and it also has chairlifts and a variety of rock-climbing spots. Additionally, city-based groups conduct paragliding and hang-gliding activities here.

The park is a well-liked respite from the bustle of the city for both natives and visitors from outside the country due to the high quality of the restaurants that look out over the cityscape.

Things to do at Margalla Hills:

  • Spend your time admiring and studying the aviary:

Grab a pair of binoculars to set your eyes on the skies, as you will find some spectacular feathery friends in this region. While many birds can be found here all year round, others are winter migrants from colder northern areas.

  • Choose from several hiking trails:

Margalla Hills is home to many hiking trails, catering to professional and novice hikers.

  • Consider rock climbing for some fun:

Margalla Hills has many spots for climbers to test out their skills. However, only a tiny number of cliffs have been constructed specifically for the sport of cliff jumping.

  • Explore the fauna of Pakistan here:

When it is to Margalla Hills, you will come across close to 300 different species of plants, 54 different kinds of butterflies, nine different kinds of amphibians, 37 different kinds of fish, 380 different kinds of birds, 20 different types of reptiles, 15 different kinds of large mammals, and around 21 different kinds of small mammals.

  • Visit Shah Allah Ditta Caves for some historical insights:

The Shah Allah Ditta Caves can be found in the same neighborhood as the tomb of Shah Allah Ditta in Sector D-11 in Islamabad. It is reported that these creepy caves and the nearby settlement that shares the same name have been around for seven hundred years. Buddhist treasures in the form of murals can also be discovered in this location.

  • Put an end to your insatiable hunger with local flavors:

After a full day of sightseeing in Margalla Hills, the renowned Monal Restaurant, located in that neighborhood, is an excellent choice for either lunch or dinner. The breathtaking panoramas that this restaurant presents of Islamabad and the verdant hills that surround it have made it one of the city's most famous attractions. La Montana is another restaurant located on Pir Sohawa Road, and it features seafood, Pakistani, and continental cuisines, all of which are prepared and presented in an upscale manner.

  • Plan a barbeque party under the sky:

You are permitted to have barbeques in the area so long as you do so responsibly, do not damage the environment, and ensure that any fires you start are extinguished before you leave your camping place. You always have the option of preparing a picnic lunch to take outside with your loved ones if the idea of cooking in the open air is something other than what appeals to you.

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    4 hours

Address of Margalla Hills

Islamabad, Pakistan

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