Ormanya Wildlife Park

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Ormanya is a project of world-class quality in every respect; it provides an innovative concept that integrates the preservation of natural life with the promotion of tourism. Every element has been given a thoughtful consideration.

When all of these attributes are taken into consideration, forestry has the potential to become the most significant destination for nature tourism in Turkey. 

It is often regarded as Europe's most extensive protected area of natural habitat, as it occupies more than 900 acres in Turkey's Kocaeli region. The park is home to a zoo, a wildlife rehabilitation center, and an area just for camping.


Things to do at the Ormanya Wildlife Park:

  • Venture into the zoos and see the wilderness:

Animals at the zoo are given excellent care, and visitors may observe a wide variety of species there, including lemurs, birds, horses, alpacas, and camels. Children can enjoy looking at them, touching them, and spending time with the farm animals.

While in the bigger wildlife areas, different families of deer can be found living together. Inside, there is a zoo that is open air, and it exhibits some extremely unique animals, such as enormous hedgehogs.

  • Enrich your knowledge about the wealth of wildlife species and habitats:

You can sit amid the towering trees in the forest library and talk about Sartre with other visitors. A wealth of information is available about the forest's wide variety of plant and animal life.

  • Camping sites that let you stargaze from the middle of the jungle:

Karaaslan Camping is located in the town of Başiskele in the province of Kocaeli, and it offers its guests the opportunity to create experiences that will stay with them forever. There are designated areas for tents and caravans to set up and other camping accommodations. You can stay in Bungalow houses that have been tastefully decorated with essentials such as water, electricity, wifi, a bed, a wardrobe, TV, a shower, and a WC.

  • Make yourself at home close to nature:

The ‘forest village’ of Orman koy is home to many charming cottages. There are large areas designated for picnicking, as well as a cafe and a mobile unit that sells tea and other beverages at affordable prices. In addition, you can make an already wonderful morning by partaking in the facility's specialty mixed breakfast, enhanced by the sound of the stream and aroma of the woods.

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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Ormanya Wildlife Park

Uzuntarla Mahallesi, 309. Sk. No:99, 41150 Kartepe/Kocaeli, Türkiye

Opening & Closing time of Ormanya Wildlife Park

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