Aquarium La Rochelle

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The building that houses the Aquarium La Rochelle, one of the largest aquariums in France, is perched in such a way that it overlooks the Old Port of La Rochelle (Vieux-Port).

It has a surface area greater than 8,445 meters squared and contains 3 million liters of seawater.

More than 12,000 animals belonging to 600 different species are on display throughout its 73 display aquariums and 150 quarantine aquariums, respectively.


Learn about the founder and his commitment:

A naturalist with a passion for the animal and plant world and a horticultural engineer by training, René Coutant imagined, invented, and produced the first seawater aquariums in the early 1950s. Passionate, pioneering, and committed, in 1970, he found a space for his marine animals, a plot of land in La Ville-en-Bois, La Rochelle.

His children, Roselyne and Pascal, have developed the dream that their father had by creating a formal institution that has a perfect balance: its 800,000 visitors each year enable the financing of a multitude of scientific research projects and the accomplishment of actions to raise public awareness for the preservation of biodiversity. His dream was to have a place where people could come to learn about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Be amazed at the incredible diversity of the underwater world:

When you go to the center of the ocean, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with more than 12,000 marine creatures. You will also be astounded by the diverse Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Tropics ecosystems.

Discover more than 600 species, such as rays, sharks, and jellyfish, in the exhibit areas dedicated to animals living in various habitats.

Witness invisibility, immortality, and invincibility come to life before your very eyes:

Discover the underwater world on a fascinating journey to 'Dream and Understand the Sea,' which includes fascinating sharks and delicate jellyfish.

From turtles, the primary attraction, to clownfish and sharks, a wide variety of fascinating species can be observed here.

You will find that the incredible defensive capabilities of all this mysterious wildlife, such as camouflage, armor, or poison, fascinate you to no end.

You will be able to explore the exotic tropical forest home to piranhas and carnivorous plants and marvel at the incredible jellyfish ballet.

Allow the children's imaginations to be as unrestrained and unbound as the sea:

The marine life at the Aquarium La Rochelle is displayed in 10 distinct habitats with a total capacity of 793,000 gallons (3 million liters). These habitats include an interactive area designed specifically for young children and a Gallery of Lights that focuses on bioluminescence and other related ocean phenomena.

Participate in other engaging endeavors during the tour:

When you buy your ticket, you should also put in your shopping cart and activity booklet called 'The Super Powers of Marine Animals,' a one-of-a-kind product that combines scientific information with games.

Learn about the special abilities possessed by 13 marine animals with the assistance of a brand-new activity book that combines games with scientific information:

The children's investigations will focus on the ocean floor and the incredible secrets held by its inhabitants, such as the octopus, anemone, and shark.

Discover how the aquarium is a stakeholder in the education and conservation of marine life:

The La Rochelle Aquarium has its program for monitoring and caring for sea turtles, which allows it to serve not only as a hub for scientific investigation but also as its primary mission, which is to educate visitors about the underwater world that the aquarium houses.

Explore the world's oceans and learn about marine conservation efforts in locations ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean.

Satisfy your taste buds with some delectable snacks in a beautiful ambiance and buy keepsakes:

On the second floor, the restaurant Le Café de l'Aquarium offers a seasonal menu that is based on organic products, and it does so in a setting that is reminiscent of a tropical rainforest.

The souvenirs sold in the gift shop known as Mémoires d'Océans are uniquely crafted and designed.

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Address of Aquarium La Rochelle

Quai Louis Prunier, La Rochelle, France

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