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Minimes Beach, or more specifically, the area between the Plaisance Port and the Minimes Point, is located south of La Rochelle.

There is a wide variety of things to do here, from discovering the natural treasures La Rochelle offers to partake in unparalleled experiences. It should be no surprise that tourists never have to worry about being even the slightest bit bored.

Things to do at Plage De Minimes:

  • Stunning views? Yes. White and golden sand? Yes. Quaint and isolated settings? Yes!

In fact, depending on the direction your gaze is turning, you may see a good portion of La Rochelle and the islands of Oléron or Ré, which are the most prominently visible during clear weather.

You can also view the renowned 'Phare of the Whole World' from the Minimes Beac situated along the edge of the expansive Pères Park, the starting point of a lovely stroll along the falaises.

You can take in views of Fort Boyard and the surrounding islands from the verdant 'Park of the Parents,' which dominates the baignade area thanks to its falaise.

  • Soak in some sun and surf in the waters:

The beach is regarded as one of the most famous attractions because it is a paradise for swimmers and surfers. It is an excellent location for understanding France's laid-back beach culture. It is a pleasant beach with some sand facing the world's edge for some exoticism. There are nearby restaurants nearby that help beat the heat or tantalize with local delicacies. During the summer, one can engage in nautical activities.

  • Watch the students enjoy some downtime just a few steps from their places of study:

The Minimes neighborhood is home to several universities and numerous schools. The beach waters at the Minimes are also clean and bear the blue drape or Pavillon, which indicates that the quality and cleanliness of the waters have been verified.

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Address of Plage des Minimes

50 avenue du Lazaret, 17000, La Rochelle, France

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