Porte de la Grosse-Horloge

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On the Duperré Quay and the Old Harbor, in the city of La Rochelle, is the Grosse Horloge, an old port. As its name suggests, it supports a cloche and a clock and has been recognized as a historical landmark since 1978. 

By entering through this entrance on the Old Port side of the city, you can explore the cobblestone streets, ornate residences, and businesses that make up the city center of La Rochelle. 


  • Pay close attention to the ancient gateway to the walled enclosure that separated the city from the port in the 12th century: 

The enormous 14th-century base had two apertures for walkers and vehicles before a single arcade was built in 1672. In addition, a dome supporting maps and flags was erected in 1746 to replace these roofs with pepper pots. This dome was adorned with pilasters, columns, and cupids.  

  • Admire the wealth of history and art contained in the venerable structures as you stroll: 

The Grosse Horloge, or more specifically the Tour de l'Horloge, an ancient mediaeval enceinte gate, is located at the start of the quai Duperré. It allows people to enter the Old City's congested streets from the harbor. She received a watch in the fourteenth century, hence her name. The oldest building in La Rochelle is a square building with a campanile on top. Understanding that the pirouette is a ship that sails with the wind is crucial. 

Likewise constructed in the 15th century, in 1478, is the Suzanne-named cloche. This cloche has a 1,54-meter diameter and a 2,2 tonnes weight and is the biggest in the division.  The Admiral Duperré statue, built in 1869, is situated on a compass point between the Grosse Horloge and the harbor. Port des Minimes is unquestionably a must-see and is conveniently located from La Rochelle's Old Port. 

  • Visit the pleasure boats for a stroll or engage in one of the numerous offered water sports: 

It takes 15 minutes to walk from La Rochelle's Old Port and the historic town center to reach Port des Minimes, the best marina on the Atlantic coast. Enjoy your vacation in the lovely coastal resort of Port des Minimes. Why not take the electro-solar sea bus instead? By boarding the bus at the pontoon in front of the Tour de la Chaine, you can take a brief sea ride to Port des Minimes for a very affordable price. 

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Quai Duperre, 17000, La Rochelle France

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