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The Musee d'Historiee Naturelle de Lille, which has been around for almost 200 years, is a must-see in Lille. In the atmosphere of late 19th-century architecture, the Natural History Museum has become a must. It offers year-round permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops, and evenings for young and old, highlighting a rich and varied cultural heritage.


Admire the wealth of genres covered in an unusual setting:

Suspended from the magnificent beams of the large gallery, skeletons of sperm whales, whales, and fin whales float above the visitor while on the ground. Animal scenes illustrate the richness and great diversity of species. The polar bear presented in the mammal room is one of the museum's major pieces.

Embrace engaging and entertaining study areas:

The presentation of the geology space, designed to be accessible to all, reveals a course in several themes centered on a common thread: the Earth, theater of change. A highlight of this presentation: a life-size iguanodon!

Understand the purpose and its stakeholders:

It was built at the turn of the 20th century at 23 rue Gosselet, in the heart of the faculties' historic district, and is one of its kind in the Hauts-de-France region. This location brings together no less than 450,000 objects, divided into four remarkable collections: geology, zoology, science and technology, and ethnography. It has an unusual presentation and a remarkable history of collections.

Learn about the unusual subject of interest displayed here:

The various collections that make up the Natural History Museum serve as testaments to the complexity, beauty, and diversity of the living world. They also warn about the vulnerability of ecological balances and the issue of animal vanishings.

The museum has insectariums within its zoology section where visitors can observe spiders, ants, and other species. Everyone is familiar with species like tarantulas, cockroaches, and praying mantises, but getting a close-up look is uncommon.

A vast journey to comprehend the phenomena that have shaped the landscapes and turned the North into a land of coal is undertaken in the geology section, which uses sound to evoke and illustrate 400 million years.

Attend ongoing events and happenings:

One or two themed exhibitions are presented annually by the Natural History Museum. You can learn about the works that need to be displayed in the ongoing exhibition at these events.

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19 rue de Bruxelles, 59000, Lille France

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Musee d'Histoire Naturelle de Lille

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