Parc Naturel Urbain

Parc Naturel Urbain de Lomme is situated near Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque and Ferme Pédagogique de Lomme. It is a verdant sanctuary that allows visitors to exercise their imaginations, unwind, or burn off steam.

Families will find vast green lawns, a fishing pond, a lovely view of the Château d'Isenghien, and many wooded paths or jogging trails.

Something to keep the whole family busy

Both adults and children are welcome to enjoy their free time in the Urban Natural Park.


Let the young ones play to their heart's content while couples enjoy each other's company:

Large playgrounds await children, who can also keep busy playing frisbee, ball, or other outdoor games in the play areas.

Love birds can enjoy a pleasant setting for a picnic, a walk, a jog, or even just a brief moment of escape on its more than 30 hectares of land, and it is also the site of many unexpected discoveries.

Get involved in some cardio as you pump your lungs with fresh oxygen:

The Lomme Urban Nature Park is a huge green space on the city's outskirts. Wild and landscaped corners rub shoulders in bucolic atmospheres. Because it has such an extensive network of paths, you can also go jogging or walking along them. In addition, there is a sole for every shoe because we can find various terrains covered in various materials. The lawns are available for use as a place to rest and relax.

Get a dose of humor:

The park also serves as the location for a circus school housed at the 'CRAC' (Regional Center for Circus Arts), which has invested in the amusement park's older buildings from the 1980s.

As a result, you will be able to observe the capitals brushing up against one another and the park castle.

Get up, close and personal with the fresh gushes of water streaming closeby:

There is no shortage of peaceful corners to set up your tablecloth for picnics. The little ones will be delighted to approach the ducks in the pond. You can get some welcome relief from the summer heat by cooling off in the pond, or if fishing is more your thing, you can try your luck there.

Explore the neighborhood:

Families can also find the Lomme Educational Farm a stone's throw away.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Parc Naturel Urbain

12 avenue du Château Desingen, Lille, France

Opening & Closing time of Parc Naturel Urbain

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