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Madrid's Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace), a gorgeous architectural gem that harkens back to a time when buildings were created only for aesthetic reasons, was constructed to replicate a structure of a similar design that had been put in place in London a little over 30 years previously.

The ironwork of the palace is intricately surrounded by ceramic furniture, giving it an excellent birdcage appearance. The main entrance for the park is at Plaza de la Independencia, and there are other gates on the Calle de Alcala or the Calle O'Donnell.

Things to do at Palacio de Cristal:

  • Embrace the luxury of fine detailing in the art and architecture of the palace: 

Thanks to its cross-design and dome, the Palacio de Cristal has a regal aura and resembles a big Gothic church. The famed Leon Cathedrals and even the Mezquita de Cordoba have influenced the palace's design. Nearly all of the Greek cross-shaped Palacio de Cristal glass is installed in an iron framework and rests on a brick base that is ceramically embellished. Its dome-shaped roofing gives the building a height of almost 22 meters.

  • Admire the wealth of flora and fauna at this World Heritage Site: 

As a greenhouse to display plants and animals as a part of an exhibition on the Philippines, then a Spanish territory, it was initially constructed in 1887. The Reina Sofa Museum, which now owns it, uses it year-round as a location for holding temporary exhibitions.

  • Observe how it has evolved to meet the changing demands: 

The structure was initially designed to display tropical plant life from the Philippines, a Spanish colony at the time. Exotic plants were imported into Spain for the occasion since the palace is essentially an extravagant greenhouse. As time passed, it started featuring more artwork than plants. The building underwent renovation in 1975, and today it serves as a temporary exhibition space for Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofa.

  • Lounge around and relax in the lap of nature: 

A pleasant afternoon pastime is taking a stroll through the palace, especially on a sunny day when warm sunlight streams through the glass dome (about 22 meters high). Even though the crystal palace is a stunning location to visit throughout the year, fall is an especially amazing time to see because of the changing foliage and autumnal light.

  • The palace also has a boat dock on the park's little lake and columns with a classical design at its entrance: 

The palace and its surroundings, beautifully positioned in front of a small lake and a fountain spewing forth jets of water, exude a serene, natural feel. There are ducks in the lake. You may rent boats on the lake to look at the terrapins, black swans, and geese swimming near the stairs.

  • There is a special event dedicated to booklovers: 

The annual Madrid book fair is held there in May and June, with a long avenue of stalls showcasing literature from all over the globe in various languages.

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Address of Crystal Palace

Paseo de la Republica de Cuba 4 Parque Del Retiro, 28009 Madrid Spain

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