Royal Palace of Madrid

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This magnificent monument is also known as the Palacio de Oriente and the Madrid Palace, and it is renowned worldwide for its fascinating architecture and fascinating history. Consider this the perfect synopsis for those who want to learn about history, art, nobility, and architecture in one convenient location.

Things to do at Madrid Palace:

  • The inviting grandeur of the place calls one and all:

This historic landmark is a must-see because it brings the city's past to life as it towers above beautifully kept gardens, a royal courtyard, and the adjoining Almudena Cathedral. The size of the tower is so impressive that it takes your breath away from the outside, and the Sabatini Gardens attached to it are an oasis of peace and tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of Madrid. The suits of armor, shields and antique weaponry displayed inside are a treasure trove for anybody interested in medieval history.

  • Simply circumnavigating the grounds of the Royal Palace is a breathtaking experience.

Behind the ornate iron railing that surrounds it is a large courtyard. An unexpected and breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside may be seen beyond the courtyard on one of its sides. It's almost as though Madrid abruptly ends, and the countryside and forest begin. This sweeping vista is stunning when the weather is clear.

  • Enter the beautiful rooms, which are loaded with a rich history and cultural significance:

Make your way around the different rooms and places contained within the palace, such as the Grand Staircase, the Crown Room, the Royal Chapel, the Royal Armory, and the Royal Library. You may get a sense of the luxury associated with the Spanish Royal Family by gazing in awe at the numerous historical relics and works of art shown in the various chambers inside the palace. When you think of the high-society lifestyle of the people who formerly walked these hallways, you can't help but get intimidated.

  • Discover the magnificence of Spanish Royalty and the rich fabric of Spanish culture and history:

Since the 1970s, this historical and cultural site has been featured in Madrid's official tourism literature. Kings and queens slept here for generations before moving to a more secluded residence on the city's outskirts. As you explore the several rooms and galleries that make up the palace, you will be astounded by what you come across. Look around and be amazed by the throne lounge, the gala dining room, the royal chapel, and the parade grounds, among other things. Discover more about the works of art created by Goya, Velazquez, Caravaggio, and Battista, including their paintings and frescoes.

  • Attend the Madrid Royal Palace's changing of the guards:

Every week, the guards are changed on Wednesday and Saturday (except for official ceremonies or unfavorable weather conditions). Each month's first Wednesday, you can see the Changing of the Guard performance (except January, August, and September).  

  • Royal Chapel:

One of the building's most spectacular spaces is the chapel of the Royal Palace in Madrid, a chapel with exquisite artistry and profound significance. 

  • The Royal Staircase:

The main staircase, created by Francesco Sabatini, is one notable example. Take a picture while you can because this is one of the few places inside the palace where photography is allowed. The Hall of Columns, which has played host to numerous significant occasions, both past, and present, is located after you have passed through the main portion. 

  • Nearby Attractions:

Madrid's most famous landmarks and attractions are close to the palace. In less than 10 minutes, you may reach Plaza Mayor and the well-known Mercado de San Miguel. There are a few green places if you prefer to unwind and breathe fresh air. The Sabatini Gardens and Campo del Moro Park are located northwest and north of the palace grounds. The large Parque del Oeste and the sprawling Casa de Campo Park are nearby. 

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Address of Royal Palace of Madrid

Calle de Bailen s/n, 28071 Madrid Spain

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