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One of the earliest mosques in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is the Abu Bakr Mosque. It is situated on Masjid an-Nabawi's northern side. It is reported that Muhammad used to give Eid prayers there, and Abu Bakr carried on the practice after Muhammad's passing.

The Prophet's tombs are located above the Abu Bakr tomb. The Masjid is crowned by a Green Dome that was constructed over the graves of the Prophet Muhammad and other significant Islamic dignitaries. It is regarded as a popular tourist destinations in Medinah. The southeast corner of the Prophet's Mosque is where this dome is situated. Since it is customary to visit the mosque following a Meccan pilgrimage, millions of people visit the dome each year.

This building has been standing since 1279 CE when a wooden dome without any paint covered the grave. However, it was afterward painted and reconstructed twice, once in 1817 and once in the late 15th century, each time using different colors. The dome became known as the Green Dome because it was hand-painted green for the first time in 1827. The Prophet's final resting place is another common name for it. The largest mosque in Medina, this ethereal building draws a sizable audience during the holy month of Ramadan.

How to explore Abu Bakr Masjid?

- Participate in the magnificent evening prayer to rejuvenate your soul and find happiness.

- Green Dome is a top-notch tourist destination if you're in Ramdan and want to experience the exquisite and mesmerizing force and impact of Islamic culture and customs.

- You may explore the fascinating Islamic culture and customs in detail while admiring the beautiful architecture's 623 AD workmanship.

- Learn more about the unique Green Dome and the enigmatic stories associated with its past by admiring the lovely Quranic verses displayed on the wall and interacting with the locals.

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Address of Abu Bakar Masjed

Al Haram, Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah 42311, Saudi Arabia

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