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In a hall close to Masjid Al-Nabawi's entrance, number 5, there are priceless manuscript copies of the Holy Quran and other Islamic books. Alquran Alkarim Exhibition is another name for this Holy Quran Exhibition in English. It is an ongoing display located in the Prophet Mosque complex in Madinah. It was organized by Samaya Holding Company and opened in 2015 with a 1,500 square meter space under the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs' supervision. With the aid of cutting-edge technology and education, this display aimed to educate visitors about the ideas and meanings of the Holy Quran.

Its creation was inspired by the desire to introduce people to the Book of God Almighty by using precise information and a variety of approaches similar to those used in museum displays. The Noble Qur'an is taught here, and people are encouraged to learn it. The leaders emphasize the merits of the Almighty God's Book and the necessity of exalting it.

How to explore the Koran Museum?

- The collection of nine original Qurans is the focal point of this exhibition, which discusses the background and significance of Islam's holiest book.

- Visitors can view demonstrations of Holy Quran skills in this hall.

- Additionally, one of the earliest Quranic copies, dating back to the year 488 Hijri, is on display (1095 AD). It's a beautiful sight!

- Some of the movies also illustrate the historical and contemporary efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to preserve the Holy Quran.

- The oldest copy of the Quran, dating from roughly 1563, is shown here, and it is covered in the most exquisite ornamentation. This hook dates back two centuries.

- The exhibit also includes helpful English-subtitled videos, but wordy placards predominate.

- Witness the sight of one of the largest Quran copies, weighing 154 kilograms.

- The Qurans are arranged in the hall, both the original and the replica. Hiring a tour guide who will educate you about the Pre-Quran era's history and point out where Qurans with historical significance are stored is more sensible.

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    2 hours

Address of Koran Museum

2637 Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari, Al-Haram, Medina 6295, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 42311

Opening & Closing time of Koran Museum

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