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More than ten different kinds of dates may be purchased by tourists in Saudi Arabia, making the country the fourth-largest producer of dates worldwide. It is possible to purchase dates at any neighborhood market, including retail malls and other types of complexes. Blessed with natural fruits, Madinah dates are excellent natural foods. They are abundant in nutritional supplements that offer power and activity and have a flavor that is all their own. In this city, visitors have access to a wide variety of date options like ajwa, medjool, zahidi, saghai, khudri, sukkari, safawi, and saghai dates. Each variety can be varied from the others by its level of sweetness, its particular texture, and its particular hue.

The health benefits of these dates can be summarized as extremely nutrient-dense, containing a high percentage of both antioxidants and fiber.

Top dates varieties available in Medinah:

- Ajwa dates: Because of their smooth and delicate consistency, Ajwa dates command the highest price. There are three different grades of Ajwa dates and they are Grade 3, Grade 2, and Grade 1. The prices will change in accordance with it. According to several different sources, the Ajwa Awali dates are also considered the best date sub-variety. The ajwa awali is the product that costs the highest. The period immediately following Ramadan, which corresponds to the harvest season, features the most competitive prices of this date variety. As the year goes by, their prices continue to rise.

- Mabroom dates: The sweetness of mabroom dates is subtle, and their texture is satisfyingly chewy.

- Safawi dates: Dates of the soft, semi-dried Safawi species have a flavor profile that is comparable to that of Ajwa dates.

- Medjool dates: Dates known as Medjool are harvested by hand after being grown using organic methods, which helps to maintain the fruit's inherent juiciness and ensures that a high level of quality is achieved.

Best place to buy dates in Medinah:

- The 'Date Market' is a distinct location in Madinah that is a kilometer away from Masjid al-Nabwi. There, you may discover fresh dates of every variety.

- You can purchase dates at a store called Al-Kakiyah, near the main vegetable market. The best fresh dates may be found here for the most affordable price.

- Visit NOORI store for fresh dates if you are an aziziyah. Although the price may be somewhat more, you won't have to travel.

- Purchase Ajwa dates at the market located closer to Madinah Haram's Gate No. 6. Given that there are 200 shops, you can find the best deals.

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