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The Prophet's first Jummah prayer was conducted at the Masjid al-Jummah, which is located on the borders of Madinah. Immediately following his Hijrah (migration) from Makkah, he conducted the first Jummah prayer in this mosque. The Prophet prayed on Friday and then rode Qaswa (his camel) to head towards Madinah. This mosque dates back to the time of Hazrat Muhammad.

Approximately 100 Muslims took part in this first Jummah prayer. These Muslims include the Prophet's family members and relatives. Muslims assemble for congregational devotion at Friday midday prayers, known as jummah. An imam's sermon (khutbah) is delivered after prayer.

This mosque is situated 6 kilometers from Al-Masjid an-Nabawi and southwest of Medina, close to Wadi Ranuna and 900 meters from Quba Mosque. There are several more names for Masjid al-Jumma, including Masjid Bani Salim, Masjid al Wadi, Masjid Ghubaib, and Masjid Aatikah. When the prophet performed the Jummah or Friday prayer in this mosque, he stopped in the Wadi Ranuna region. That is why Al-Wadi Mosque is another name for this mosque.

Because it is a historical site that was also important in Islamic history, it draws a lot of visitors today who come to give their prayers. It was initially constructed out of rocks, which were later demolished and restored multiple times.

The Saudi government's Ministry of Awqaf, under the direction of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, undertook renovations in 1988, which included demolishing the old section and erecting a new one. The mosque was restored to the public in 1991 that holds a capacity of 650 pilgrims.

How to explore Jummah Mosque?

- The mosque has a library, a madrasa Tahfidz al-Qur'an, a female prayer area, and a washroom in addition to the imam and muezzin's homes.

- The mosque also features a minaret, four smaller side domes, and a big dome in the center.

- The prayer mats in this mosque are spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Because it is a site of reverence, go to the mosque to pray there.

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    1 hour

Address of Masjid Jummah

CJW8+54V, Al Salam Road, Al Jumuah, Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah 42315, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Masjid Jummah

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    Open 24 Hours
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