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Masjid Areesh, sometimes referred to as the Mosque of Badr, was constructed on the spot where the Prophet's tent was set during the Battle of Badr. This location is where the battle was commemorated. In 624 A.D., 313 Muslims and 1000 Qureish from Makkah engaged in their first fight on this battlefield. The Qureish possessed a cavalry of 200 horses and 700 camels, compared to the Muslims' 70 camels and two horses. Although they had better weapons, the Muslims nevertheless prevailed because of their strong morale and well-thought-out plan under the leadership of the Prophet.

The Prophet had a shelter constructed here that served as the Muslim army's command center. This shelter was made from palm tree branches. The word 'Areesh' alludes to a date palm's shadow. Where the mimbar is now is roughly where the old mosque was.

The grave of the martyrs at Malaikah Mountain, the site of the Odwah Al-Donyah from which Muslims descended from Madinah, and the site of the Odwah Al-Qoswah from which polytheists descended from Makkah are all places that tourists to Badr make a point of visiting. These Muslim sites, preserved in history, saw a turning moment for Islam as the conflict concluded with a resounding Muslim victory.

How to explore the Mosque of Badr?

- Offer your prayers and remember the martyrs of the Battle of Badr.

- You will see small tour groups around the back of the mosque, where the guide explains the historical importance of the battle to the mosque.

- View the remains of houses from that period behind the mosque.

- Visit the battleground that is a little further away and marked by hundreds of unidentified graves.

- 14 shuhada fell on the battlefield and their names are inscribed on a monument for posterity. Check out this monument to know more about their sacrifices.

- Stop at Bir Rougha (The well of Shifaa), where you can collect a few liters of holy water. This is the well where the Nabi SAW spat into to make the water drinkable.

- In order to help Prophet Mohammed and his troops, Allah almighty sent Angels on the mountain (JABL-E-MALAIKA), which is covered with sand.

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Address of Mosque of Badr

Al Shuhada, Badr 46354, Saudi Arabia

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