Luxembourg Gardens

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The Luxembourg Gardens, which are central to Paris' Left Bank and serve as sort of 'Paris' lungs,' are situated there.

It is a location not to be missed, including 55 acres of open area between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter.

Things to do at Luxembourg Gardens:

  • Start with a walk

The only thing you must do in the Luxembourg Gardens is wandering around them and take in their beauty! The Luxembourg Palace looks out over the area, adding to its beauty. With its many trees and winding roads, it is more in the 'English style.' More than 100 statues, a pavilion named the Pavillon Davioud, a fountain called the Médicis fountain, and even bee hives can be found throughout the garden.

  • Take part in a variety of kid-friendly activities with your family.

After a long day at work, Parisians like to visit there, or they send their kids there after school to play at one of the playgrounds. Children's activities include puppet performances, slides, carousels, and pony rides! Renting sailboats for kids to use to sail around the main fountain is a popular kids' activity. Using your remote boat on the pond is another common activity.

  • Relax on a chair

The Luxembourg Gardens provide a peaceful retreat from the busy streets of Paris. After a long day, it is advised to relax in one of Paris' famous green park chairs while reading your favorite book and listening to Parisian music on your headphones.

  • Go sculpture hunting.

There are numerous statues and memorials dotted across the gardens. You never know whose monument you could run into, so take your time and bring a notebook. For instance, the Marie de' Medici statue or the Statue of Liberty is in the gardens! Some monuments are exquisitely manicured with changing flowers and vegetation, making them well worth the search!

  • Visit the Luxembourg Museum

A portion of the Luxembourg Palace houses the Luxembourg Museum. These days, it hosts pop-ups, most of which are devoted to paintings. Typically, you'll receive a wonderful overview of a particular theme, a particular historical character, or a body of work by a single artist.

  • Wander through the apiary close to Pavillon Davioud

One of the Luxembourg Gardens' hidden gems that few visitors are aware of is a little apiary close to the opulent Pavillon Davioud. The structure is listed as a historic Paris monument and hosts performances and exhibits. At the Ecole Rucher, beekeepers and would-be keepers can also receive training (Bee school). A horticultural school is located in this pavilion, and every year in September, a festival called Fete du Miel takes place where you may sample and buy honey.

  • Appreciate the Greenhouses

There is another surprise in the gardens where you can spend some time in nature. Enjoy the flowers, bugs, and plants you may find here; it's like being in the country right in the center of Paris! Over 13,000 orchid plants are planted in the garden. Even a pear and apple orchard may be seen in the southwest corner. These greenhouses host events and exhibits on European Heritage Days.

  • Arrange a date

The Jardin du Luxembourg is ideal for a date because of its incredibly romantic ambiance. You can experience the magic by bringing a glass of wine, lying in the grass, or taking a stroll around the lakes. It might even be the ideal setting for your Parisian first kiss!

  • Take up Petanque!

The garden even features a Pétanque court where families congregate to play on the weekend and casual outings. Pétanque is a French outdoor game that originated in Provence.

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Address of Luxembourg Gardens

Rue de Medicis Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris France

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