Prague Castle

Some of the city's most popular attractions are located inside Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad), one of the significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Czech Republic. Along with the medieval towers and gatehouses, old cathedrals and churches, magnificent royal mansions, and gardens may all be seen at this 110-acre site. Since the building of its initial defenses in the 10th century, the castle has undergone significant alteration and is now the official presidential palace. As a result, the court features a variety of architectural styles. It was formerly the residence of Bohemian monarchs and is currently the official residence of Czech Republic's president. 

How to explore Prague Castle?

  • Check out the Old Royal Palace, also known as the Star Královsk Palác. It is among Prague's numerous ancient structures and is one of the most intriguing. The current structure's origins may be traced to the 14th century, when Emperor Charles IV ordered the construction of a - Gothic palace for use in official capacities, despite its 9th-century age. His son Wenceslas contributed more additions.
  • The Basilica of St. George (Bazilika SV Jiri), the oldest ecclesiastical building in the castle complex, has managed to maintain its lovely Romanesque shape despite several reconstructions and adjustments throughout the ages. The crown jewels of Bohemia are stored in a cathedral vault and are rarely seen by the general public. 
  • The outstanding Prague Castle Picture Gallery (Obrazárna Praského Hradu), which houses a significant collection of artwork founded by Emperor Rudolph II in the 16th century, is a must-see for art enthusiasts.
  • A lane of modest row cottages called Golden Lane is located to the north of the castle's walled area. These cottages were originally constructed for royal alchemists and other castle servants. 
  • The Ball Game Hall (1567-69), a former gymnasium that currently hosts exhibitions and musical performances, occupies the castle's south side. 
  • Similarly, Renaissance in design is the nearby Summer Palace, also known as the Belvedere or Queen Anna's Summer Palace. 
  • Teresa U Zlaté Studně is a restaurant nearby that boasts a lovely roof patio with direct access to the castle grounds and a gorgeous view of the characteristic Prague rooftops.
  • The medieval district of the castle suburbs where Vegan's Prague is situated. Climb some stairs within the lovely eatery to get to the rooftop. It is perfect for savoring nutritious, gluten-free meals and vegan cuisine.
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Address of Prague Castle

Hradčany, Prague, Czech Republic

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