St. Vitus Cathedral

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Prague's biggest and most significant temple is St. Vitus Cathedral. In addition to religious rituals, Czech kings and queens were crowned here. Also, several patron saints, kings, noblemen, and archbishops are buried in the Cathedral. Here, Prince Wenceslas (Václav) made a Romanesque rotunda in the year 925, which later transformed into a basilica. It had three naves and two steeples around the year 1060. 

Particularly with the foundation of the Bishopric in 973 and the formation of the body of canons known as the St. Vitus chapter, which eventually developed into an important administrative and cultural institution, the church's influence increased. 

Must-see attractions in the St. Vitus Cathedral

  • St. Wenceslas Chapel

The cult center of St. Vitus Cathedral is St. Wenceslas Chapel. Its focal point is the grave of the most significant Czech patron saint. This grave is highlighted by its beautiful adornment and unique architectural idea. The chapel's original 14th-century décor includes the wall face, which is made of priceless stones, and the Passion Cycle wall paintings. The Master of the Litomerice Altar's studio is credited with creating the episodes from St. Wenceslas' life that make up the second ornamental band. The Bohemian Coronation Jewels are stored in the Crown Chamber, accessible through the chapel's southwest corner entrance.

  • The Tomb of Saint Vitus

One of St. Vitus Cathedral's top attractions, not just for devout Christians, is the tomb of Saint Vitus, after whom the Cathedral is called. Apart from being the patron saint of Bohemia, Vitus is also claimed to ward off lightning, dog bites, and oversleeping. He is also the patron saint of performers, entertainers, and dancers. 

  • The Great South Tower

The beautiful Great South Tower is the Cathedral's top feature. Prague and the cathedral bells may be seen in all their glory from the top of this tower, which is about 100 meters high and whose construction dates back to the fourteenth century. Thus, it is worthwhile to ascend the 287 steps heading up.

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Address of St. Vitus Cathedral

III. nádvoří 48/2, Prague, Czech Republic

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