European Parliament Strasbourg

After initially serving as the headquarters of the Council of Europe from 1949 until 1958, it became the location of the European Parliamentary Assembly in 1958. In 1962, this institution was renamed the 'European Parliament.'

Throughout its history, the institution has been subjected to several necessary reforms. It was initially an assembly that consisted of nominated members; however, it was later transformed into a parliament that was elected. It is now widely recognized as a significant political player in the European Union.

There are currently representatives for close to 450 million citizens of European nations in the European Parliament. Its 705 members each serve for five years, and they are selected randomly. It is in charge of the legislative process, the budget, and the country's politics.

The European Parliament is the largest parliamentary body in the world to be elected by direct universal suffrage, and it is located in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Embrace the structure of the building:

The enormous building made of glass and metal was designed by Architecture Studio and has served as the home of the European Parliament ever since it was completed in 1999. Strasbourg is home to a piece of architecture that is breathtaking. Its massive glass facade, which spans 13,000 square meters and is reflected in the water in a stunningly beautiful way, is meant to symbolize the democratic openness of the European Union. It does so by opening at the top of its hollow, oval tower approximately 60 meters in height.

As a symbol of the ongoing nature of the European project, the top of the tower is designed to give the impression that it is unfinished.

  • Be astounded by the exquisiteness of the interiors:

The structure of the building is based on three interiors, referred to as 'avenues,' with the most important being a winter garden that features a philodendron forest.

The building that serves as the headquarters of the European Parliament is a complex that spans an area of 220,000 square meters, contains 1,133 offices, 18 commission rooms, and a chamber with more than 750 seats, and is the largest in all of Europe.

The European Union member states select the individuals who make up the European Parliament.

  • Pay a visit to the restricted area, Hemisphere:

Paying a visit to the chamber, also known as the hemicycle, of the European Parliament provides visitors with an unrivaled opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of this significant international parliament. In addition to being the location of the most consequential debates, the Hemicycle, Europe's largest hemicycle, has been the stage for several votes that have gone down in history.

The dynamic and exciting exhibition educates visitors of all ages about the role that the European Parliament plays and assists them in comprehending how the European project is carried out.

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Address of European Parliament Strasbourg

1 avenue de Printemps, Strasbourg, France

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