This Father’s Day Check Off A Destination from Your Dad’s Bucket List

By Prachi Agrawal

  ●   13 Jun 19


When I try to trace my path down the memory lane, I don’t have any recollection of being with my father on Father’s Day. I was never a daughter who stayed home. I have my pile of regrets for not spending enough time at home living the moments that would become my shelter on rainy days. But still, my father never complained and continues to love me with utmost dedication as he had always done.

Although with time his ways of expressing that love have changed, his love hasn’t. So, on this occasion of Father’s Day, I would like to write an “Ode to My Father”:


My father,

his hair have begun to turn white;

those wrinkles around his eyes

are becoming clearer and clearer

like the mogra flowers

on a full moon’s night.

He doesn’t hold my hands

while crossing the road anymore,

let me get to the station alone

while sipping chai and reading the newspaper,

he just smiles and waves goodbye.

It’s been a while

since he lectured me

before leaving home

on to-do’s and not-to-do’s on the journey.

His over protectiveness

that used to come

barging through his words and actions

has begun to shy away;

though I get a peek at it sometimes

when he is trying to accept

that I am not a little girl anymore.

He secretly treasures

those tiny fluffy shoes

that I used to wear

when I had just learned to walk;

I saw him holding them in his hands one night

when he kissed me on the forehead

and gently patted my back

thinking I am asleep.

And I know that I can grow up without any worry

because my childhood will always be safe with him.

How do you measure the love of a father? You can’t. It’s as wide and deep as an ocean. This Father’s Day make your father feel loved by spending time with him in his dream destination. Gift him a surprise vacation and make memories with him that would last a lifetime.


 5 Travel Destinations That Make for the Best Father’s Day Gift

Dubai – For Dads who like a complete travel package

A trip to the dazzling city of Dubai that is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and lifestyle is a perfect gift for your father. This Middle Eastern destination has everything from beaches, malls, historical sites, museums, desert, resorts, parks to architectural masterpieces. Because of the availability of all kind of luxuries, Dubai is popularly referred as the Hong Kong of the Gulf or the Vegas of the Middle East. A heaven for shopaholics, foodies, adventure lovers, and bechoholics alike; this city promises you a vacation where you can enjoy your heart out. Its luxury cars, big buildings, fantastic architecture, wonderful desert, pristine beaches, avant-garde malls, and so on are sure to cast a spell on you.


Things to do with your Dad:

  • Shop in the Dubai Mall
  • Visit Burj Khalifa
  • Enjoy great cuisine and a beach at Burj Al Arab Jemeirah
  • Take a walk in Palm Jumeirah
  • Watch water jet display of the Dubai Fountain


Istanbul – For Dads who are into culture and architecture

Described as the most beautiful place on Earth by the Italian writer Edmondo De Amicis, Istanbul is a city which is a paragon of the amalgamation of the East and the West. The Bosphorus Strait bridges the two worlds of Europe and Asia. It’s a historic city with cultural influences of various empires that reigned here once upon a time. This Turkish city has an aura of timelessness about it with modernity and historicity beautifully weaving into each other to create an urban masterpiece that still has its roots in history. Take a trip to Istanbul with your dad this Father’s Day to enjoy a rich cultural heritage, marvelous architecture, and so much more that mere words cannot do justice to the magnanimity of this city.


Things to do with your Dad:

  • Visit Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Take a tour of Topkapi Palace
  • Shop in Grand Bazaar
  • Relax at Galata Bridge
  • Titillate your taste buds in any of the fine restaurants


Muscat – For Dads who love the Gulf charm

Muscat is the port capital of Oman. Enjoying a geographical location on the Gulf of Oman amidst the mountains and desert, it certainly makes for an exciting travel destination. It houses mosques, architectural wonders, historical places, chic shopping malls, upscale restaurants and café, and a lot more. It’s a boiling pot of culture, tradition, art, and modernity alike making it a bucket list destination for all kinds of travelers. This Gulf country will possess you with its charm and bedazzle you with its rich cultural heritage. So why not take your father on a trip to Muscat this Father’s Day!


Things to do with your Dad:

  • Take a tour of National Museum
  • Stroll around Mutrah Corniche
  • Shop at Mutrah Souq
  • Visit Fort Al-Mirani
  • Relax by the Qurum Beach


Tbilisi – For Dads who take their vacations seriously

Set out on a journey to Tbilisi and enjoy this Georgian city until you find your heart brimming with the nectar of joy. Out-eat yourself, out-drink yourself, out-dance yourself, out-sing yourself –break the shackles of mundane routine and live life with a free spirit. With complex mix of cultures and influences, Tbilisi is a must visit holiday escapade. This Georgian city has a colorful Mediterranean atmosphere with its stone houses that are built around the vine-draped courtyards. Visit this historical city with your father for its unbreakable courage to stand up gracefully even after being destroyed 29 times.


Things to do with your Dad:

  • Wander through the Old Town
  • Indulge in a traditional Georgian spa
  • Visit the Georgian Stonehenge
  • Enjoy funicular ride to Mtatsminda Park
  • Don’t miss flea market on Dry Bridge


Delhi – For Dads who like to dig into history

Delhi is the capital of India. A city carrying magnificence as well as scars of the past and still going on sheltering millions of dreams and heartbeats. Delhi is one of the major tourist attractions in India with several tombs, forts, temples, mosques, bazaars and so much more. As Jan Morris perfectly describes Delhi, “Tombs of emperors stand beside traffic junctions, forgotten suburbs command suburbs, the titles of lost dynasties are woven into the vernacular, if only as street names.”

Delhi Jama Masjid

Things to do with your Dad:

  • Shop traditional items at Delhi Haat
  • Experience peace in Lotus Temple
  • Marvel at the achitecture of Akshardham Temple
  • Explore the streets of Old Delhi
  • Watch the light and sound show at Purana Kila

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

Prachi Agrawal

A passionate writer with unsatiated love for stars and travelling. She loves writing and performing poetry and when she isn't doing either, you can find her binge watching Korean drama.

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This Father’s Day Check Off A Destination from Your Dad’s Bucket List