Welcome to India – 9 Things to Know Before You Visit This Vibrant Country

By Rohini Gulipilli

  ●   12 Jul 18


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India is an incredibly welcoming country with its history, architecture, cuisine, and culture. With advent of growing technology, exploring any country doesn’t need extensive planning. However, a trip to India needs some serious planning as the country is huge and with 1.3 billion people, and has different tradition, culture, language at every corner. A little preparation and right knowledge, you can avoid the unneeded circumstances and make your journey a happy one. Here we’ve curated top things to know before you’re exploring this diverse and vibrant country which will leave you incredibly rewarding experiences.

Top 9 Things to Know Before Your Trip to India

Different regions in India have their varied cultural sensitivities


Comprising of 29 states, each state has its own culture and unique history. States like Goa and the north-eastern states are quite liberal while other states like Rajasthan and Haryana are more conservative. The way you appear and interact with people will be considered differently from place to place.

Pro tip: Do a bit of research on which region you’re planning a trip. Or seek advice from your dear ones who have already travelled there before.

Explore beyond the cities

Root Bridge

With more than a billion residents, India can be regarded as bustling country. However, most of the people stay in big cities. Spend a couple of days in countryside like enjoying the scenic beauty of Kerala backwaters and walking on a living Root Bridge in Mawlynnong, instead of spending your whole trip in cities.

Bring cash


Although most of the areas in India accept card payments, the primary mode of payments across India is cash. Especially when you reach rural parts of the country, it is better to carry plenty of cash. Though ATMs are widespread in the main cities of the country, auto rickshaws (a common mode of transportation), vendors, and other businesses and services in remote areas only accept cash.

So make sure you have exchanged enough currency beforehand to avoid extra hassles.

Dress Conservatively

India is a visual explosion of culture and traditions like many other Southeast Asian countries. Research the dress code before you are visiting places in India and pack your bags accordingly. Bring scarves, long trousers, regular t-shirts in lieu of V-necks to avoid unwanted attention.

Prepare to be overwhelmed


India is the most populated country after China, so you can see huge crowds – especially in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. It is easy to be overwhelmed by its huge number of activities and festivities. At the same time you’ll be hounded by tourist guides, taxi drivers, over-eager storekeepers, and beggars – so be assertive while handling them. Travelers who can adapt all these chaos will truly savor their trip to India.

Choose hotel accommodation wisely

Hotel accommodation

Booking a luxury or budget hotel in India is the easy part. Choose your perfect hotel from a range of accommodation options. Prefer choosing popular hotels if you’re true first-timer which would reduce your stress. With no-fuss, Rehlat helps you hotel booking at luxury hotels and also has wide range of budget stays, making it a convenient trip for you.

Be cognizant of your surroundings


This is a thumb rule for any trip, especially when you are traveling overseas. Because of overcrowding, pickpocketing is a frequent occurrence in the biggest cities. It is better to not keep money, wallet, keys, and smart phones in your pockets. Carry cross body bags to keep money, smartphones, passports, etc. Be attentive and cognizant of your surroundings and avoid being a victim of thieves.

Be prepared to show your identity

Id cards

Expect the unexpected! Things can quickly get worse in any country if you are unable to show who you are. No matter where you are traveling it is advisable to carry identification cards along with you.

Temple etiquette


Love exploring religious sites in India? Then you have to follow some etiquette even if you are not a believer.

  • Take off your footwear before you enter into places of worship.
  • Don’t wear revealing clothes.
  • Pack socks if you’d not like to go barefoot.
  • Displaying affection is an inappropriate action in temples.

Follow these simple yet essential things and make memories for lifetime.

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Welcome to India – 9 Things to Know Before You Visit This Vibrant Country