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Originally constructed between 1717 and 1723 as a solely ceremonial house for Prince Eugene of Savoy, a military genius, the castle has since undergone many transformations. Lower Belvedere, which also houses art exhibitions, was the more practical place to live. Eugene fought many fights and won most of them; he decorated his residences so that we would never forget this. 

Many rooms across the castle have been transformed into contemporary exhibition spaces to showcase the palace's magnificent art collection better. In contrast, other areas have kept much of their original architectural splendor. 

How to explore Belvedere Museum? 

  • A beautiful scale model of the palace from 1722 is on display, together with paintings and documents that pertain to the building's and collection's history. 
  • Pictures of the prince's military exploits may be found on the walls and ceilings of various rooms in Upper Belvedere. He is shown receiving tribute from mythological figures in paintings and decorations throughout the palace. 
  • Klimt and Vienna circa 1900 is the most popular section, where you can see The Kiss and other works by Klimt. 
  • The Medieval Masterpieces section contains gothic religious art with some magnificent altar panels. 
  • Also featured are works by Biedermeier, Realism/Impressionism, and the interwar period, including everything from Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller's domestic idylls through Manet, Monet, and modern art. 
  • Upper Belvedere welcomes guests into the Sala Terrena, a spacious 'lobby' built with stucco and adorned with sculpted pillars and arches. 
  • You will be greeted at the grand staircase. It is a wide stone staircase decorated with stucco martial reliefs and giant iron-wrought lamps.
  • There are two stories of galleries and niches in the Marble Hall that are only there because of the paintings' illusionistic qualities. Looking out the Marble Hall's windows, you can see all the way to Lower Belvedere and get a good feel of the massive gardens. 
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Address of Belvedere Museum

Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Vienna, Austria

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