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Vienna, Austria, is home to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, also known as the 'Museum of Fine Arts.' Located on Ringstraße, its edifice is a celebratory palace topped by a distinctive octagonal dome. The museum and its primary structure are commonly referred to as the 'Kunsthistorisches Museum.' It is the nation's largest art museum and among the world's most prestigious ones. 

It was established in 1891 next to the Imperial Palace to hold the extensive collections of the imperial family. The museum is widely regarded as among the best in the world, thanks to its extensive collection of masterpieces and its status as the home of the largest Bruegel collection in the world. 

The main levels include huge arched windows in the building's signature Renaissance Revival style, and the octagonal dome stands 60 meters (200 feet) in the air. Marble, stucco decoration, gold leaf, and murals adorn the museum's interiors. 

How to explore the Kunsthistorisches Museum?

  • Check out the artwork by Gustav Klimt, Ernst Klimt, Franz Matsch, Hans Makart, and Mihály Munkácsy that embellishes the grand staircase. 
  • The museum's holdings include the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection, Greek and Roman Antiquities Collection, Sculpture and Decorative Arts Collection, Coin Collection, Ancient Musical Instruments Collection, Arms and Armor Collection, Secular and - Ecclesiastical Treasury Collection, Carriage Collection, and Department of Court Uniforms Collection. 
  • Gaze in awe at antiques and treasures that have been around since the time of ancient Egypt. 
  • Experience a display of works by the Flemish master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. 
  • You can also see 17,000 Egyptian art pieces, mummies in their coffins, ancient Greek and Roman jewelry, and more. 
  • Check out the famed Kunstkammer Wien display case, home to 600,000 medals and coins. 
  • Art aficionados will be spoiled by the abundance of Renaissance and Baroque works on display.
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Address of Kunsthistorisches Museum

Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Opening & Closing time of Kunsthistorisches Museum

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